Body Scrub Recipes

Using Salt

By: - Skin Care - September 13, 2011
body scrub recipes using salt

Exfoliation is one of those things that so many women have become reliant on.  Though exfoliation has gone sadly beyond the days when exfoliants would literally make the dead skin fall off, today’s recipes are meant to apparently act in a kinder fashion to your skin.  So, if you have to exfoliate and are forced to shake your head in horror at the modern exfoliating creams and lotions, do not panic because help is at hand.  Introducing the body scrub recipes that will change your world back to normality; the salt scrub recipe that makes exfoliation into a breeze worth creating.

When you look at many body scrub recipes, there is no doubt that not all of them are created equally.  Some have florals and others herbs, but do these fanciful things really exfoliate your skin? Experience has shown some women that even apricot kernels are merely the best way to scratch your skin, not to remove stubborn dead skin cells.  That in itself poses a major dilemma, not much different to the issue of being unable to exfoliate hard skin on your heels as they do not do the old scrubbing cream anymore that so many of us became reliant on.  So, how do you work with a salt scrub recipe and can you do this at home?

To make the scrub, the best ingredient is not table salt, which dissolves easily in liquids.  You need some heavy duty Black Sea, Dead Sea or Celtic salt crystals, the big ones that are scattered across meals to make them somehow look more appetizing.  You can mix it with a fraction of water, but not sufficient to dissolve all of the crystals.  By doing this you keep the consistency and still have the dampness to easily spread the mixture across your body and face.  All you need to do then is gently rub, but not too hard, picking out the hardest to soften areas, including the back of your arms, your knees and your face.  Yes, your face.  Now, when you realize that all those body scrub recipes are merely about you spending unnecessary money on herbs and potions, you will find that this simple salt scrub recipe, as ancient as it is, will work far well than any modern concoction.

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