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No Floundering With Skincare

By: - Beauty - July 5, 2011
blue lizard sunscreen no floundering with skincare

Summer has finally arrived and you’ve got the family packed for the much sought after vacation in the sunlight and floundering in the surf at the beach, perhaps in some warm, tropical clime. One of the essentials to include with your diving masks, swim wear and beach ball is a bottle of Blue Lizard Sunscreen.

Blue Lizard sunscreens are admittedly more difficult to find and the price would not always be a cost that many would consider, however the high effectiveness of this high performing sunscreen is a guarantee that your money and efforts to find Blue Lizard Sunscreens will let you enjoy your summer to the fullest under the glare of the hot summer sun.The amazing Blue Lizard sunscreens are created with the standards as set out by the Australians, whose standards exceed those of the American FDA.

When you purchase your unit of Blue Lizard sunscreen, you’ll see why it is one of the most recommended sunscreens available.  It has one and only one level – SPF 30 and is water resistant which means that you don’t have to keep slathering Blue Lizard Sunscreen on each time you get it in your head to go for a swim in the surf.  Even after a period of four hours the effectiveness of Blue Lizard is maintained, making it one of the most sought after staples to a successful summer vacation anywhere.  Unlike the set standard of SPF 30, there are varying forms of Blue Lizard to suit the sensitivity of your family’s skin such as sport level, sensitive skin and baby soft, so just be sure to read the label for the right formula for your need.  An added feature that your kids will absolutely love about this amazing product is that the bottle itself changes color when exposed to the light, making it a pretty eye catching unit at that which your children will enjoy.  Kids can use it as well and you needn’t worry about greasy hands staining your beach towel or the interior of your car when it’s time to go home for the day. Blue Lizard is non greasy and don’t make you feel sweaty or sticky, either.

As mentioned above, there are several different varieties of Blue Lizard Sunscreens for your consideration.  Under the Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen label, you can find formulas as regular, baby, sport, sensitive and face.  As they are absolutely chemical free and have a zinc oxide level of 5%, you can be guaranteed to have a summer of care free beach fun without nasty sunburns, or constant applications to waste your time.

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