Blue French Bulldog - beautiful Pups

Blue French Bulldog –Beautiful Pups

By: - Pets - September 30, 2011
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If you are looking for a beautiful and perfect pooch, consider the French bulldog. The French bulldog is related the more well known English bulldog and lesser known American bulldog. The French bulldog is a smaller dog and is perfect for those living in a small home or apartment. They are indoor dogs and require air conditioning in the summer if it gets too hot out. The main role of a French bulldog is as a companion. Though some may make good guard dogs, they are quite small, so they would not be effective in helping in a dangerous situation.

The French bulldog is about 12 inches tall and should be between 19 and 28 pounds depending on the weight class. They are very pleasant dogs overall and is quite enthusiastic. They are not yappers or barkers for the most part, but will alert you if they see a stranger or other animal that should not be in their area. They do tend to get along well with strangers and other dogs once they let the stranger know they are present. They are usually OK with older children, as long as the children are old enough to give commands. The French bulldog needs a bit more leadership from their owners than other dogs do.

The colors the French bulldog comes in include almost all colors with the exception of total black with no trace of brindle. Common colors are white, brindle and fawn. The blue French bulldog is becoming a popular color as well. They are extremely cute and though the blue French bulldog is more of a rare color, you can find them. Since they are a bit rarer than the other colors, you may find a blue French bulldog is a bit more expensive than other colors.

Another quite popular color is the cream French bulldog. It is hard to find a 100% cream French bulldog, but usually the other markings are light as well, so they blend in and don’t stand out. Cream and black is a disqualification if you want to show your French bulldog, but a cream French bulldog mixed with another color is OK.

French bulldogs can be excellent pets. They are prone to spine problems as well as breathing problems due to their short tracheas. You should not over feed this dog and try to keep them at a decent weight as breathing problems can get worse if they are overweight.

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