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By: - Vision - June 6, 2011
blepharoplasty cost

If your are considering having blepharoplasty surgery you may be wondering if you can afford blepharoplasty cost amounts.  But first, you need to consider whether the procedure is for you and thus you should consult with a surgeon before making a final decision.

Blepharoplasty surgery involves modifying your eyelids, repositioning or removing excessive amounts of fat or tissues as needed, and possibly having the tendons and muscles reinforced.  In fact, this type of surgery may be a simple cosmetic change or it might be a necessary thing to help restore proper eyelid function.  Generally what is included in your blepharoplasty cost is the reduction of eyelid wrinkles and the puffiness associated with the lower eyelids.  For some people, the addition of eyelid wrinkles is another option.  If for some reason your eyelids and eyelashes are causing problems that affect your vision, this type of surgery may help.  Usually this is done on your upper eyelid.

Some people worry about blepharoplasty cost issues and some about the blepharoplasty surgery scars.  Most of the incisions done in this case are usually done on the underside of your eyelids, letting you have the necessary changes without seeing a scar at all.  If you have to have any resurfacing done on you’re the skin on your eyelids, you might have to have it done with a CO2 laser or chemical peels, which really leaves no visible scarring as the scars are hidden by the wrinkles of the eyelids.

Usually the operation can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours in total.  Your eyelids may be swollen, even bruised, but this only will last 2 weeks.  Total recovery and normality will be achieved after 3 months of healing, but how the results of the surgery are dependent on what functional issues were involved, how the nearby tissues respond, your age, the quality of your skin and the structure of your personal eyelids.  Complications may be caused by existing dry eye conditions, loose skin around the edge of your lower lid and/or some form of cheek positioning that may already be affecting the position of your lower eyelid.  If you are worried about the cost, usually this includes the surgeon’s time, surgical fees, hospital fees and any additional care needs.  It might be more expensive in your area than others, so consider going to a different geographical location if you want to save money, which means you should shop around for the best job at the best price, especially if you having this done privately.  In some cases, if your insurance covers it, you might not have to pay a penny if the surgery was done for medical or functional reasons.  Consulting with your doctor is the only way to find this out.

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