Birthstone Colors By Month - Do You Know Your Birthstone

Birthstone Colors By Month – Do You Know Your Birthstone?

By: - Reference & Education - October 5, 2011
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When it comes to birthstones, many people love to wear jewelry or clothing that represents their specific month of birth. Birthstones for each month are symbolic and have specific meaning depending on the individual. If you are a believer in symbolism and the effects of gems on the human body, this information can be quite interesting.

The listing of birthstone colors by month almost always start with the deep red garnet, which is January’s birthstone. There are many myths and legends about garnet including one with Biblical basis. It is said that Noah hung a garnet on the ark as a way to light his way. To this day, garnet is said to offer protection to travelers. The February birthstone is the sparking purple amethyst. Used as a symbolic balancing stone for the human body by the ancient Greeks, it was thought to have kept the body aligned and ward of sickness. For March, aquamarine is the birthstone. The ancient Romans believed that aquamarine offered protection from the dangers of the sea and even today, ships and boaters will have aquamarine on board boats in some way.

The birthstone colors by month continue with the diamond, which is April’s birthstone. Diamonds have a lot of meaning, but during the Middle Ages, they were often used to ward off illness. May’s birthstone is the deep green emerald. The ancient Romans associated emeralds with fertility. It is, even today, given to couples who are attempting to conceive. June has the birthstone, pearl. The pearl has always been a symbol of refinement as well as purity. Brides, historically, have worn them to signify purity on their wedding day.

Birthstones for each month continue with ruby, which is the stone for July. Rubies represent heat and power. Peridot is the birthstone for August. The symbolism associated with it is strength in all relationships. September is sapphire, which is deep blue. It was thought in ancient times to be an anecdote to poison as well as envy. The opal, for October, has been said to symbolize faithfulness and confidence.

The final birthstones for each month, citrine for November and blue topaz for December are yellow and blue respectively. Citrine was used as a protective stone to heal kidney and urinary tract infections. Blue topaz was symbolic of love. The birthstone colors by month are always interesting to look at and all of them have unique histories and symbolism associated with them.

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