Birch Fungus Chaga - Natures Medicine

Birch Fungus Chaga – Natures Medicine?

By: - Alternative Medicine - September 29, 2011
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For people who are looking for a natural medication that for 100s of years has been a cure-all straight from the forest, you may want to consider the wonders of the chaga mushroom. Also known as birch fungus chaga mushrooms are large, quite ugly growths on the side of birch trees in the northern latitudes of the northern hemisphere. Many people find this prized mushroom on birch trees all year long. The chaga mushroom is actually a parasite to the birch tree and can stay with the tree for many years.

Medicinally it has been used at least since the 16th century in Russia and Europe as an effective medication for everything from tuberculosis to ulcers and claims have been made that it has even worked against cancer and tumors. It is even used for benign reasons, such as for curing colds and speeding up healing for other diseases and accidents. According to research and those who have used it, the birch fungus chaga mushrooms have almost no side effects.

The birch fungus chaga mushroom is also known for its ability to treat diabetes, intestinal worms, stomach disorders, influenza, HIV and even has anti-inflammatory properties. For 100s of years it has been cut from trees, ground up and made into a drink, similar to coffee or tea.

The chaga mushroom is a bit hard to find. They usually only grow on white or yellow birch trees and even on those trees they are only on about 3-5 of every ten thousand trees. If you are lucky enough to find them, you will certainly recognize them. The mushroom part you will see on the tree is black and it resembles burnt wood. It usually needs to be cut right off the host birch tree and can easily be done with a small axe or even sharp knife.

You can find chaga on the internet, but be warned because it is may be chaga that has been mixed with fillers or not true chaga at all. As you probably know, some mushrooms can be deadly so always take care when buying them from an unknown source. If you have no other choice but to buy them online, read reviews carefully for the company and website involved.  There are people online who are willing to go out into their own back yard as well to look for chaga if you contact them. If you live in the northern US, Europe, Canada or Asia you can probably find it yourself as well.