Bifocal Reading Glasses

– Who Can Benefit From Them?

By: - Vision - May 3, 2011
bifocal reading glasses

People who are over the age of thirty-five to forty may have trouble when they are reading or doing close work. As you mature, you’ll find that bifocal reading glasses make up for this issue, that naturally happens as you mature. Your eyes change – they become thicker, and you will find less flexibility in your eyes’ lenses. Even if you were near-sighted in your youth, you may find that you can correct this new problem with glasses, for close work.

You can purchase womens and mens reading glasses with magnification and no prescription at many drugstores. These will help you in close-up work, but then everything around you is not in focus anymore. You can alleviate this problem by wearing half-frame glasses, so that you can still raise your eyes and see other things that are more distant. Bifocal reading glasses give you a more clear lens near the top, for normal and distant vision, and the bottom is magnified, for close work and reading.

Non-prescription reading glasses give you some of the same features as prescription glasses, with lightweight construction and optical quality lenses that won’t show distortion when you use them. They are usually UV coated to shield your eyes from ultraviolet light, with may be harmful. In addition, they may be scratch resistant. You can also purchase no-line or line mens reading glasses with frames all the way up to designer styles. Bifocal readers are generally available at department stores, and you can also purchase them online.

If you wear contacts for your vision problems, you can purchase non-prescription bifocal reading glasses. Your optometrist can prescribe a lens that will work for close-up work and distant vision. Bifocals with lines make it more obvious that you need the strength of bifocals, but the newer models have a smaller corrective area and the rest of the lens is crescent or round-shaped.

If you work in a field that requires close work, you may need mens reading glasses. For example, assembly line workers may need to see the objects they are working with close-up, and watch the machines at the same time, with distant vision. They can benefit from bifocal glasses, so that they can more easily see the pieces they work with, as well as other parts of the plant they work in. Likewise, people who read, work at a computer or do hobbies can benefit from reading glasses, since they will allow you to shift the focus of your eyes in various areas in which you work, study or do crafts. The upper portion allows you to see farther away, while the lower portion makes close-up work easier.

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