Best Pre Med Schools - Make The Right Choice To Ensure Success

Best Pre Med Schools – Make The Right Choice To Ensure Success

By: - Education - August 25, 2011
best pre med schools %E2%80%93 make the right choice to ensure success

Although many hopeful future doctors are under the impression that the best pre med schools are prestigious private undergraduate schools, this is not always the case. While to some extent these schools can impress medical school admissions officers, ultimately medical school is very competitive and your grades will matter more than the name of the school you went to for undergraduate studies. The best colleges for pre med don’t just have a strong pre med program; they are schools where you are confident you will be able to get excellent grades. This doesn’t mean you should pick a totally non-competitive school where you can ace your studies but will learn very little. It does mean you must balance your interest in their program and reputation with your expectations regarding your ability to excel in the program. Med schools require that you have shown a history of excelling in your studies, and if you cannot do this at Harvard as an undergraduate than you will not get into even a second-rate medical school. However, if you can do this at a state university (which may have some of the best pre med schools but do not necessarily have as much name recognition), you may find you have a better chance of getting into medical school than the Harvard graduate with poor grades.

The American Association of Medical Colleges lists the following schools as the institutions that send the most students to medical school each year:

1. University of California at Los Angeles
2. University of California at Berkeley
3. University of Texas at Austin
4. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
5. University of Florida

Whether or not these are objectively the best colleges for pre med, they certainly have staff that are well-versed in helping students get into medical school and ample experience with helping students choose which schools to apply to. It also implies a large pre med program, which can be beneficial.

On the other hand, large pre-med programs can cause you to get lost in the shuffle of other students, meaning you may not have the notoriety you could have when involved in smaller programs. For instance, at a smaller school, you will get to know your professors better and have more individualized teachings.

The best pre med schools are schools with strong science programs, a large enough pre med program that ample advising is available, and a history of strong records in getting pre med students into medical school. Ultimately, however, your grades, extracurricular activities and GMAT score are more important factors in your med school acceptance than whether you went to one of the best colleges for pre med.