Best Juicer Consumer Reports - best Juicers Rated In The Us

Best Juicer Consumer Reports –Best Juicers Rated In The US

By: - Product Reviews - October 25, 2011
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Many people have learned the joys and health benefits of having their own juicer in their home. Not only is it convenient and delicious to make your own juice, it is extremely healthy and much cheaper than buying juice in a store. The best juicer Consumer Reports has listed is the Breville juicer. Compared to other juicers, this one is one of the best on the market.  If you are looking for other top juicers on the market, keep reading.

Breville juicers are top of the list of the Consumer Reports juicer list. To get more specific, the Breville Juicer Je900 is one of the best models of Breville juicers and has many consumer reviews to back up the claim. Known as the fastest juicer in the world, the Breville Juicer Je900 features a 600 watt motor, a center knife blade assembly and over 14,000 RPM’s when it is going a full speed. The Breville juicer Je900, the best juicer Consumer Reports has listed has a larger pulp container than any other juicer on the market and is dishwasher safe. If you are interested in buying one of these juicers, you should expect to pay about $299 USD for a new model.

One of the main competitors of the Breville Juicer is the Hamilton Beach version of a juicer and in addition to that, the Jack LaLanne series of juicers. The problem with these, is there is another main competitor to Breville that is unknown to many, but has much better reviews than Hamilton Beach or Jack LaLanne juicers. It is the Omega J8006. Slightly cheaper than a Breville juicer and lot less expensive than a Jack LaLanne juicer, the Omega J8006 juicer is almost as highly rated as the Breville juicer according to both Consumer Reports and Just because the brand isn’t as popular or as well known as a Jack LaLanne or Hamilton Beach juicer doesn’t mean it isn’t good!

Both Jack LaLanne juicers and Hamilton Beach have average reviews. Another, Cuisinart also has average reviews. All three of these juicers can be just as expensive, if not more so, as the Breville and Omega lines of juicers.  Remember, however, the Breville and Omega are more highly rated by consumers themselves and by Consumer Reports.

What this all comes down to, if you want to choose a brand name, well known juicer that is of average quality, go with a Hamilton Beach, Jack LaLanne or Cuisinart. If you want to have the best, at the same price or less as the well known brands, go with the Breville or Omega juicers.

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