Best And Worst Dressed Oscars 2011

Is Celebrity Marketing Ruling Our Heads?

By: - Celebrities - August 25, 2011
best and worst dressed oscars 2011 %E2%80%93 is celebrity marketing ruling our heads

Hollywood has been referred to as many things, including the royalty of the US, but realistically they are as much royalty as anyone else, meaning that the term has been frankly misused.  It seems that every time the Oscars has come around, some people are so enamoured and impressed by glitter and appearances that it may be that the celebrity hype is clearly going to some people’s heads.  One fine example of this is the best and worst dressed Oscars 2011, or any other year.  Does it really make them a better actor or actress because they can dress well, or is that they really are just smarter than we think, the ultimate in advertisers and marketers? If you take the worst dressed Oscars 2011, or any other year, why notice them at all?

The amazing thing is that many people are caught up in the celebrity fantasy, that little bit of the acting world where actors do what they do best – act.  But when it comes to the best and worst dressed Oscars 2001 (or any other year), are we really seeing the actors in their own personal faves or merely just an extension of a massive advertising and marketing campaign to draw attention to them.  If you saw the worst dressed Oscars 2011, you no doubt were stunned at some of the garments, but there again, who really decides what good fashion is, but the person who wears it, right? Maybe in the real world, outside the Hollywood glamour zone, you wear what you want, but in Hollywood it is all about grasping attention because attention draws in viewers of movies and fans, lots of fans.  At the 2011 Oscars, Nicole Kidman was criticized for wearing a gown that was so heavily embroidered that modern gurus of fashion turned their noses up with disgust.  Even Marisa Tomei was hounded for wearing a gown that for her was maybe not quite as good as it could have been, but there again, like all of the Hollywood crowd, there is always someone in the background calling the shots.   Realistically, if the stars really had their own say, surely they would be showing a completely different side to the fashion industry because despite all their millions, many of the dresses are either rented or used just once.  In other words, the fashions we see really are meant to capture attention, whether or positive or negative.  As with Nicole Kidman, a fine actress, some may have felt sorry for her, a sympathy that may have more of a positive effect than we once thought possible – it attracts supporters and thus more fans.

When you look at the best and the worst dressed Oscars 2011 or just the worst dressed Oscars 2011, do not be so quick to be taken in by the lack of taste in some cases or even the worst dress to figure match.  Remember that even the worst have captured more attention because they have that edge in drawing more attention.  There again those perfectly matched dresses of the best dressed have their own increase in fans, too, meaning that best and worst are the acting categories to aim for as an actor because it is within these categories that the real winners of the attention/marketing game may lie.

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