Benzaclin Reviews - Good And Bad

Benzaclin Reviews – Good And Bad

By: - Medicine - September 14, 2011
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Benzaclin is a prescription strength acne medication that includes two powerful medications, benzoyl peroxide and the antibiotic Clindamycin. Benzoyl peroxide helps to reduce inflammation and also dries up the oil that is a main cause of acne. Clindamycin is a topical antibiotic used to fight bacteria and reduce inflammation that is caused by bacteria.  Benzaclin reviews are mixed.

Benzaclin reviews are about 60% positive including to most review sites. Some of the positive Benzaclin reviews state that the product helped some user’s acne disappear completely, others say they have seen a definite improvement in their skin, but it has not totally cleared their acne. Users claim the product can leave the skin smooth and clear in the areas where Benzaclin has been used. It additionally can be useful in eliminating acne scars according to many reviews.

Some mixed reviews state that Benzaclin works well on whiteheads, but does nothing for other types of acne.  Other mixed reviews say the product works, but some of the side effects can be annoying.  Negative reviews state this product dries out the skin too much and causes a lot of pain.  Benzaclin stains clothing very easily and can also stain other dark fabrics like furniture or bed sheets. The topical gel also dries white and flakes off the skin giving the appearance of scales according to several users of Benzaclin. One of the most common complaints it that the product is expensive, even with insurance covering partial payment.

Benzaclin coupons are available in order to counteract the cost. These coupons are available from many sources including at $25 off coupon from the official Benzaclin website. In order to use these Benzaclin coupons, you much buy four tubes of Benzaclin however. For other Benzaclin coupons and discounts, you can ask your doctor. They may also have samples available for free so you can try the product out before spending a lot of money.

You must see your doctor in order to get a prescription for Benazclin. Make sure you are discussing other options or another plan since Benzaclin may not work for everyone. You may be advised to use a lightweight natural moisturizer like alone vera gel. If you can find organic aloe vera, that will be better than other types. Your skin may go through an adjustment period with dryness and peeling. Some of this is normal, but if it is extremely painful, bloody or begins to get infected, stop using Benzaclin and see your doctor as soon as possible.