Benihana Locations

By: - Food & Beverage - August 2, 2011
benihana locations

There are so many tastes that you have but only one comes to mind on this very night and it is for the succulent taste of fine Japanese cuisine.   Where do you go to have this specific quest in mind?  Have you tried any of the many Benihana locations available to answer the call?  This uniquely exquisite Japanese dining experience will dazzle you with an easy but exciting atmosphere centered around great food prepared before your very eyes.

Benihana locations USA aren’t merely geared toward providing you with a great tasting Japanese cuisine.  They are directed toward customer satisfaction through the entertaining master chefs that staff the grill and the delivery of great food, expertly prepared and delivered piping hot to your table at any of the Benihana locations.  With Benihana locations that stretch from the United States to Central and even South America, your dining experience will be an unforgettable experience not just for the great food but the great performance and service guaranteed to wow you from start to finish.  Benihana location USA feature a restaurant and dining experience steeped in the observances of Japanese architectural tradition and culinary history.  With restaurants structured in the Japanese style architecture with polished, crafted wood and stone, you will step out of America and into a place in Japan where the entertainment begins at the dining table.  At every one of the Benihana locations  USA, master chefs well versed in preparation of fine Japanese cooking will entertain you with a performance through the use of knives and other cooking implements that put the excitement into your dining experience before your very eyes.  Sometimes, the audience becomes part of the Japanese culinary preparation, guaranteed to make you wow and laugh.  Once the meal is done and after a well deserved round of applause that will naturally flow from amazed audience members, your food will be tactfully served to you with the envy of onlookers gathered around the kitchen grill, ready for yet another fascinating performance from these incredible chefs and entertainers.

Size may matter to some, but not to the friendly staff at Benihana restaurants.  Call ahead to reserve dinner parties or business gatherings and they will provide the best food for the greatest value that you can come to expect from Benihana locations everywhere.    Even if you appear on your own to any one of the Benihana locations that you’ll find on the handy restaurant locator, you will be seated with a group of others around the chef’s grill where your quiet afternoon alone will be both visually entertaining and a culinary delight to the senses that you will not soon forget.  When you leave Benihana, you’ll leave promising to be back and tell everyone that you just left a fantastic restaurant in the heart of Japan itself!

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