Benefits Of Greek Yogurt

For Health Or For Cooking?

By: - Nutrition - May 21, 2011
benefits of greek yogurt

Greek yogurts have been strained through a muslin cloth or a bag to remove the whey from the product.  When the whey has been removed, the product has a texture that is thicker than most yogurts but not quite the same texture as cheese; it is probably fair to say that the consistency is somewhat between the two.   Once the whey has been removed, the yogurt is then able to be used in cooking at high temperatures, without the risk of curdling.  Even the low fat variety is also delicious to add to meals cooked or uncooked, because it is still thick and creamy.  Once the straining process has been completed the yogurt will have less sugar and salts as this has been dissolved during the process, not to mention you would also have less carbohydrates and sodium, all good benefits however, perhaps  one of the best benefits of Greek yogurt is that you should have around twice the amount of protein in them, when compared to what other yogurts would have. Protein in Greek yogurt can be extremely helpful because protein is a nutrient that helps feed the muscles.

Probiotics are said to give you back the goodness that stress and things like antibiotics take out.  Antibiotics are necessary however they do have the ability to kill both the good bacteria and the bad, if you can you should take either supplements of natural foods that are high in acidophilus and other such nutrients that can help balance the intestinal organs and help stop the spread of the pathogens and are very helpful stopping toxins that produce bad bacteria.  Probiotics are just one of the benefits of Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt benefits also include protein; protein gives our body the energy it needs to carry on working throughout the week.

There are so many studies that are still in progress that are trying to see if Greek yogurt benefits are enough to be able to stop or help manage the symptoms for chronic intestinal inflammatory diseases.

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