Benefits Of Eating Apples - One Of The Best Foods

Benefits Of Eating Apples – One Of The Best Foods

By: - Nutrition - September 27, 2011
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If you have ever heard the old phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, you may wonder how true that really is. In all actuality, it is very true. There are numerous benefits of eating apples and one of them is a boost to the immune system.  There is no other fruit in the world known to give the same benefits as apples give to our bodies. From helping the brain and immune system, to keeping the heart and circulatory in shape, the benefits of eating apples are many.

One of the coolest things about apples is they are very sweet and can be used as a replacement for candy or sweets when you are trying to stick to a healthy diet, but just can’t seem to lose the sweet tooth. Apples are about 80% water and have almost no fat at all. The fat apples do have is good fat that actually helps boost your health. Apples also give you energy and in studies have been shown to be more effective at waking people up in the morning than their normal cup of coffee.

When it comes to the heart and circulatory system, the benefits of eating healthy, such as eating apples, continue. Apples are very high in their flavonoid content. Flavonoids contain antioxidants which help attack and prevent harmful cells, like cancer calls, from invading your body. In addition these flavonoids can help prevent coronary artery disease and cardiovascular disease.

Eating apples has other benefits as well like those to your digestive system. Apples have tons of fiber and aid in digestion which can help you lose weight. Another of the benefits of eating apples includes the phenols in apples. Phenols are known to target bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol for a good balance of cholesterol in your body.  Even your teeth can benefit from eating apples. Apples can kill 80% of the bacteria in your mouth and will actually help prevent tooth decay.

Of all the benefits of eating healthy, adding apples can have a lot of significance to your overall health. Some more random apple facts include that eating at least 5 apples a day can cut women’s risk of breast cancer by 40% and apples are great for natural detoxification. When you are looking at all the benefits of eating healthy, make sure to check out all of the great things apples can do for you.