Beets Nutrition Facts As Well As Carrots

Beets Nutrition Facts, As Well As Carrots

By: - Nutrition - September 29, 2011
beets nutrition facts as well as carrots

When you look at the vegetables that are growing in your garden, one of the most popular is the vegetable known as the beet.  Lets stop to consider beets nutrition facts and that of carrots nutrition facts too.  These two primary vegetables are loaded with minerals, vitamins and above all, they are cleansers.

First, the beet.  These staple vegetables hail from the same family line as spinach and chard.  Although the leaves of the beet are somewhat bitter just as their chard cousins, they are even more nutritional than the actual beet themselves in that they are extremely high in chlorophyll.  The purple color of the beet comes from Betacyanin.  This is the phytochemical parent to Betacyanin and it is said to minimize the levels of homoscysteine in the body. As well as this vital cleansing agent, the beet is loaded with vitamins.  It has vitamin A, B12, B2, B6 and the ever important vitamin C.  Unlike their spinach cousins though, the leaves of the beet contain substantially more iron and they are filled with iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus and copper. That is the sum total of beets nutrition facts.  Let us now move onto the next big ingredient in every supper meal, the carrot nutrition facts.   Carrot nutrition facts tell of a primary vegetable that contains minerals and vitamins essential in fighting disease and promoting a healthy digestive system through its cleansing properties.  Even though the carrot has only about 41 calories per every 100 grams, they have a high level of anti-oxidents, dietary fibre and vitamins.  The carrot helps to protect the largest organ in the body, the skin from the development of skin cancers, lung cancers and cancers in the oral cavity.

All told, when you consider the health benefits of beets nutrition facts and that of carrots nutrition facts, you will find that this is but a small scratch in the surface of basic nutrition information but the message is clear. There are nothing but cleansing agents and health promoting agents contained within each of these primary vegetables on your plate to ensure against cancer and maintain a healthy digestive system.  So, do as your mother says and eat your vegetables.

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