Becoming A Lawyer

A Passion Free Profession?

By: - Careers - April 29, 2011
becoming a lawyer

The most famous and frequently quoted Aristotle said, “Law is a passion free profession” but I don’t find myself in agreement with this.  Becoming a lawyer is one of the most passionate careers that exist today in our world, lawyers work their way out using logic and passion, and without passion they will not be able to crack a case whether it is defense lawyer or prosecutor. If you find yourself dedicated and passionate about protecting the general rights of the public or underdog then becoming a lawyer is the most appropriate career for you.

However passion would be a good start but it certainly isn’t enough, the most appropriate and suitably attribute for becoming a lawyer is your analytical skills. If you are capable of solving complex problems and can expose mysteries with the critical thinking of your mind; what are you waiting for? Become a lawyer!

The educational journey that will make you a lawyer includes schooling, undergraduate degree, pre law and then moving to law school. Before entering law school you must clear your LSAT which is like an entry test for law school which assesses your ability of comprehending written material and critical thinking. The period of education in law school is three years and once you have completed this phase and have graduated the concluding test is a type of bar examination. If you clear this test you are legally allowed to practice law in the state of your choice.

Over the years people’s interest in the profession of law has increased drastically and maybe this is the reason why several law institutes have opened all around the world. Your choice of law school will depend upon your LSAT scores, your financial conditions and of course your location. Some students may be interested in a university but may not be able to go there because it is out of the city, state or country in which they live. Those who can afford to can easily go to any university they like based on their LSAT score. One must thank technology that has made everything simple and easy in our life and to become a lawyer it one of them.

There are many online institutes that are highly accredited and renowned for their law degree, those students who are unable to attend proper class can obtain law education on the internet, video conferencing and other forms of media are used to provide you the classroom in your home. If you’re attending an online law school, there is nothing to worry about because the quality of education does not get compromised at all, they are required by the law to maintain the standard of education along with making it convenient for anyone who wants to become a lawyer.

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