Bcbs Fl Provides Affordable Health Insurance Options For Families And Individuals

By: - Insurance - June 24, 2011
bcbs fl provides affordable health insurance options for families and individuals

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is one of the largest insurance companies in the state of Florida that offers a variety of affordable health insurance plans to the families and individuals who reside in the state.

BCBS FL also provides grants to any organization that focused on improving the health of families and individuals through the Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida. It has also been involved in job creation throughout the state as they have provided numerous career opportunities with more upcoming in the future.

BCBS Florida does not only care about the health of the insured members but it also looks into ways of helping those less fortunate in the communities through community development programs that cater toward health and education. BCBS FL is involved with a number of companies in order to meet all the diverse needs of the people in the health industry. Some of these companies include:

Florida Health Care Plan – provides medical services and information to its members along with quality and affordable healthcare. They play a role in controlling the rising cost of health care by assessing and educating all the people from kids to parents who may be involved in health risks in the companies where they work or even in the hands of their employers. FHCP take it as their goal to shape the health and wellness of the community to ensure a better place to live and work.

First Coast Service Options Inc. is a subsidiary of BCBS Florida and has its headquarters in Florida. Their mission is to offer Medicare program to its beneficiaries. FCSO normally contacts the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide quality Medicare administrative services to its members. Some of these services are customer service, provider audit & reimbursement, claims processing and some education & outreach services. FCSO is also involved in financial management functions for CMS.

Florida Combined Insurance Agency – This is BCBS FL’s own insurance subsidiary and is in charge of providing financial products to its members such as premium conversion plans (PCPs), flexible spending accounts (FSA) & health reimbursement accounts (HRA), pre-tax program documentation & administration among others.

Other companies involved with BCBS Florida include Florida Combined Life Insurance Company, NavigySM and TriCenturion among others. All these companies have really worked to help BCBS FL ensure stability and strength in its health care coverage and also provide hope and confidence to the residents of Florida.