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By: - Online Education - July 4, 2011
bbcdancemat education and fun for kids

The typewriter has become an invaluable tool since its invention in 1870, reaching deep into the very infrastructure of the global society as a means of faster, more lucid communication among individuals, companies and governments.  It has ensured a faster means of communication with less ambiguity as to the various textures of hand writing that can sometimes be either misinterpreted or simply not understood at all.  It was in the spirit of innovation to maintain the tide of successful communication that the Bbcdancemat has made its debut on the world stage.

When society moved into the computerized age, the combination of the typewriter and the computer generated faster communication between anyone world-wide in seconds.  Again, by reducing the size of the typewriter into a smaller, compact keyboard and electronically transferring its cuneiform into the mainframe of computers, humanity has accelerated in science, technology and government exponentially.  The emphasis on effective and rapid communication has been a mainstay of the educational institution in the global classrooms and the Bbcdancemat has been a new, innovative success in this field.

The Bbcdancemat is a newer, more innovative program used to teach children how to learn to type through a series of stages or levels from beginner to advanced stage typing.  Of course, sitting down in front of a typewriter and practicing the usage of keys by methodically moving from the pinky finger on the left hand to the pinky finger on the right hand and moving simultaneously from digit to digit as a means of creating familiarity and dexterity in the use of the typewriter can be boring to any child anywhere.  Thus, the Bbcdancemat combines the interests of children with the interests of their ever concerned parents who are more interested in teaching their children needed typing skills rather than playing games.  So, Bbcdancemat has formulated games into different levels of advancement in typing.  The program is divided into four different levels, with each level being further divided into three different stages that compartmentalizes the capacities of the typing student for an easier graduation to advanced typing.

The result has been a huge success for both parent and child alike.  Children can begin their entry into their typing success through the Bbcdancemat programs, starting as early as age four and continuing on to age eleven, beyond which they develop a more developed sense of learning without the need for integrated games.  So it is possible, to all you parents, to let your children have the sense of fun while learning one of the most fundamental and crucial skills needed for success in global academics, technology and science in the years ahead.

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