Battery Operated Window Candles - A Safe Alternative To Open Flames

Battery Operated Window Candles – A Safe Alternative To Open Flames!

By: - Product Reviews - July 14, 2011
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You may actually have seen more battery operated window candles than you may realize.  The reason for this is that they’re often virtually indistinguishable from real candles, so you may at one time have been looking at a flameless variety without knowing it.  These have a small bulb that resembles and open flame and create a glow inside the soft plastic candle that holds them.  Some models even have a light that flickers like a real flame so that it’s even more realistic.

Using a battery operated window candle is a great way to keep your home and your family safe while still enjoying the look of a real candle.  Far too many house fires have been linked to candles and open flames, and even if your entire house doesn’t burn down from a random candle, you can still burn yourself or something else if you’re not careful.  A candle spilled on the carpet can mean a huge burnt spot that requires a very expensive carpeting patch, or an expensive repair job to a wooden floor.  It’s also good to consider pets, children, and other potential hazards in your home when it comes to using open flames.

If you’re not sure if this is a good choice for you or you’re simply convinced that only real candles are the best choice, consider a few simple reminders.  This will help you to realize their benefit and decide which is the best option for your own home.

Danger of open flames:

As states above, you may not realize the dangers of open flames but candles, especially larger ones and ones you place in a window, can be very hazardous.  This is because something like a curtain or other materials do not necessarily need to come into direct contact with open flames to catch fire.  Many people don’t realize that open flames are burning beyond what they can see; the fire itself may be colorless at the very top of the flame.

Using battery operated window candles means avoiding this danger altogether.  If you have billowy curtains or a valance or other dangers in and around the windowsill, you would do very well to consider this especially if you enjoy larger candles.

Children and pets can also be a good reason to consider a battery operated window candle.  Cats aren’t as easy to train, no matter how often you tell them to stay away from the windows and the candles.  One swing of a dog’s tail and your open flame can be on the carpet, which may quickly catch fire.  Children too may not be mindful of the flames when they’re roughhousing, and of course you don’t want them to burn themselves.

Choosing your candles:

One thing to consider when looking at battery operated window candles is that you have a wide array of options, just as many as you would when shopping for candles with flames.  There are those available in holiday colors and those that are small and tea light sized.  This means that if you have favorite holders you like to use, you are sure to find a battery operated window candle that will fit and you don’t need to give up your favorite decorative items for the home.

It may be true that these items are often a few dollars more expensive than wax candles, but remember that they’re meant to last forever.  They do not melt as wax candles do and a simple change of the batter is all that’s needed to keep them illuminated.  This means they also make a great gift for anyone on your list that also appreciates the glow of candles but is concerned for safety.  In some places, apartment dwellers and renters are not even allowed open flames, so these flameless varieties can give them the look they want without the risk.