Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Light

Are They Worth It?

By: - Home Improvement - March 30, 2011
bathroom exhaust fans with light

The importance of having bathroom exhaust fans in your home is very high. These fans are used to remove foul odors and smells that might be present in your bathroom. Having exhaust fans in a bathroom is very important, as it also provides good ventilation in homes and clears the air. However, there are several types of bathroom exhaust fans that are available in the market today, which is why you must be very careful when going out to buy exhaust fans for your bathroom. Also, you must remember that bathroom exhaust fans are different from kitchen exhaust fans.

One of the newest varieties that are available in the market is the bathroom exhaust fans with light. As the name suggests, these bathroom exhaust fans with light come with pre-installed lights in them. This helps in lighting the bathroom, and you might not need extra lighting in your washroom if you plan on getting these bathroom exhaust fans with light. However, there are several other things that need to be considered if you are considering buying good exhaust fans for your bathroom.

First of all, you need to check whether your exhaust fan is able to remove moisture from the walls, because that can be really damaging for the structure of your house. However, a good quality bathroom fan has the ability to withhold allergens and mold that sets on the wall, which also lowers the costs of air conditioning, as it dehumidifies the house as well as the bathroom.

If your bathroom fan has begun to make a lot of noise and has problems with the propeller, it would be a wise idea to have them replaced, because these fans might not be able to exhaust air properly, providing poorer ventilation. Furthermore, problems in the propeller might result in higher electricity bills, as they increase the wattage that is required by the fans to function properly. Therefore, you need to buy energy efficient exhaust fans for your bathroom. The distinction between kitchen exhaust fans and bathroom fans is that the latter generally have powerful exhaustion capabilities as well as several extra options such as water heaters or lights, while kitchen exhaust fans are simply designed exhaust fans that are not as powerful as compared to the fans that are installed in washrooms. Therefore, you should make sure you buy different fans for each of the two.

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