Banned Books List 2010

– A List Of Few Books And Their Brief Intro

By: - Book Reviews - May 12, 2011
banned books list 2010

Banned books list 2010 basically means, a book which has been challenged for its content. Parents or concerned citizens basically file a case against any book, which they found carries inappropriate content. This content might harm the growth and induce negativity in the minors and children. City library acts accordingly, if a case is filed and removes the book from the shelf if found inappropriate for the young and average readers.  Banned books 2011 also have the same problems.  A few banned books list 2011 and their description is given below.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

It is an autobiography of the author, which in one way or another hit the people. The content of this book has been challenged in different countries due to its harmful content for children. It includes sensitive topics related to sex, racism and rape.

Joy of Sex

Another adult book was challenged by many people to be removed from the libraries. The content published in this book was bold and all in one related to sex. It is also known as a sex manual.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower

It is also a young mature novel, which was celebrated for its unique content and style. Some very sensitive topics like sex, masturbation, suicide and drugs were discussed quite boldly. This book was removed from the libraries as it could induce negativity in the children.

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

A classic novel that stands much criticism and controversies. This book contains some awful images from the Second World War and discusses topics related to homosexuality and sex in an open manner.

Kurt Cobain

It is a biography of an important music icon, whose death is still surrounded by a mystery. Books explain his personal life and role of drugs in his life. This book was termed as violet and hard, which could destroy the younger generation.

To Kill a Mockingbird

It is a classical novel, which consists of topics and story related to racism events in the different parts of America. Due to its hostile content, this book was challenged and then later removed from the libraries.
Vampire Academy series

It is a book written about vampire feeling and lifestyle. This book contained too much nudity and violence, which was unacceptable by the common society. The content of the book also supported some bold concepts and was removed from different libraries.

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