Banana Boat Sunscreen A Safe Bet For Everyone Under The Sun

Banana Boat Sunscreen--a Safe Bet For Everyone Under The Sun

By: - Skin Care - July 10, 2011
banana boat sunscreen a safe bet for everyone under the sun


It has become a mantra much like those warnings our moms gave, “Eat your vegetables.  They will make you grow strong.”  Using sunblock before going outside is every bit as important as eating the right foods.  Banana Boat Sunscreen products are a sure way to heed this warning.

There are two kinds of damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.  UVB rays are short rays that cause sunburns.  UVA rays are longer rays which trigger connective tissue damage such as wrinkles, sunspots and cancer.  UVA rays are present at all times of the day.  UVB rays vary according to season, location and time of day.   A variety of Banana Boat Sunscreens guard against both kinds of ultraviolet rays. 

One should be aware that the UVB rays will cause more damage on a cloudy cooler day because we don’t feel the heat so much when the sun does not shine directly on us.  It is possible to acquire very damaging sunburn on a cool seemingly sunless day.  UVA rays can damage the skin while riding in cars or just sitting in sunrooms because UVA rays penetrate clouds and glass.

Banana Boat Sunscreen offers AvoTriplex technology which sustains UVA coverage for long periods of time guarding not only against premature aging skin but cancer.  100% photo stable sun protection is available because of the Avobenzone a UVA absorber and enhancer.

There are Banana Boat Sunscreens for all manner of occasions such as: Sport Performance sunscreens, SPF 100 Sunscreens, Ultra Defense, Self-Tanning, After the Sun and Baby products.

Banana Boat Sunscreen even comes as a lipstick containing Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and E to heal and hydrate as well as protect the lips against sun exposure.

Banana Boat Sunscreens include a tanning solution which allows self-tanning without exposure to the sun.  Color lasts up to seven days.

It is important to consider the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) while choosing a sunscreen.  The higher the SPF number the better the protection.  SPF’s above 30 are most recommended.

One must also consider how much they will be exposed to water and sweating while in the sun.  Banana Boat Sunscreen is available for those who spend their time swimming, fishing and playing the water as well as for those who exercise or play sports in full sun exposure.

Banana Boat Sunscreens are available for babies, kids of all ages and sizes and energy.  They are even available in  ‘tear-free’ lotions!

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