Baby Shower Messages And Card Messages

By: - Babies - September 13, 2011
baby shower messages and card messages

Baby showers are generally a North American invention.  Though they have caught on somewhat in Europe, their real popularity is overshadowed by Christening events in most European countries.  North Americans have however developed the baby shower into a huge industry and event where cooing women gather around a pregnant woman to shower her unborn child and her with gifts as well as happy to warning stories about labour and delivery.  As such the baby shower messages that the mother to be get, are just a part of the excitement that she will enjoy.  However, those messages are not just something that she receives; she also sends out her own baby shower greeting card messages to all those women, family and friends, whom she wants to share her special last minutes of pregnancy with.

So, how can you create proper and appropriate, but heartwarming baby shower messages? Well, that is simple because the process for creating baby shower greeting card messages is the same in some ways.  First, the messages sent to the mother are usually in response to being invited to the baby shower and secondly to show moral support and joy that she is about to become a mother.  The card messages are the mother’s way of getting out the good news that she is carrying a new life inside of her and that her little treasure means the world to her.  The card messages should be similar to those found for inviting someone to a baptism or party, but nothing too racy or trashy as the message is a woman’s way of showing her coming of age, stepping from a young woman into motherhood and beyond.  It should include her name, her due date, where the shower will take place, what to wear, contact information, name of the person being invited and any sweet little message of joy as to the happy event that she is sharing with them.  Then, when the invited parties receive the invitations, they should respond, not by phone or with a quick passing word, but by sending a return and acceptance letter to the mother to be, accepting the invitation and congratulating the mother to be in a way that is supportive and gives her confidence, especially if she has never had a baby before.

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