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By: - Babies - September 14, 2011
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It is baby’s first Christmas and you want baby’s first Christmas outfit, but you need to know where to find something really nice, not just the standard stuff.  So, what should you do to find Christmas outfits for newborns? Are there any criteria that you should look for? These are all important questions, but the answers are definitely simpler than you may think.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas is a cold time of the year.  When your are trying to choose baby’s first Christmas outfit, you must keep in mind that the cold weather requires layers of clothes, especially if you are going outside for a short journey to visit the grandparents or other family members.  You will need to include a one piece underwear outfit that is put under their sleeper, a special Christmas sleeper with cute reindeer and other things on it.  At this age, newborns really do not benefit from being put in mini-suits or dresses as their bodies are still curled up and they really look much cuter in Christmas designs than high end fashion.  So, the other thing you will need if you are transporting baby for Christmas, besides some spare Christmas outfits for newborns, just in case of accidents, is a snowsuit.  Literally, follow the simple rule that cold weather requires one additional layer for your newborn than you would wear yourself.  However, these must be removed when you arrive as you could cause serious health issues.  If the weather is to be hot for your Christmas, then dressing down is the best option.

Just remember that when you try to pick baby’s first Christmas outfit and you are faced with a store filled with Christmas outfits for newborns, simplicity is the best option.  Things you buy should have a practical appeal, even though they have some fancy and cute Christmas pictures on them.  At this age, baby is not concerned with looks as much as you and everyone else is and frankly your newborn will do more sleeping than reveling with the rest of you.

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