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Competition Grade Quality

By: - Health & Fitness - July 5, 2011
babolat tennis rackets competition grade quality

The competitive element of tennis has prompted the advancement of tennis racket technology to new heights.  This technology  has been to a certain extent, responsible for the success of many well known tennis players.  The makers of the famed Babolat tennis rackets has proven once again that it ranks among the most popular tennis rackets by both amateur tennis enthusiasts and professional tennis players alike.

In 1999,  Bobolat tennis rackets introduced their innovative technology called Woofer to the tennis circles, further marketing them in the American markets in 2000.  According to Babolat tennis racket reviews, the success of the Babolat tennis rackets, specifically the Babolat Pure Drive Plus with the woofer technology exploded onto the tennis scene when it was used by the professional tennis player named Andy Roddick.  Coupled with his unique style and energetic performance, he has become one of the biggest names on the list in tennis today, winning many tournaments and drawing plenty of attention in Wimbleton and the French Open.

The true success of Babolat tennis rackets in the babolat tennis racket reviews is the revolutionary piston motion of the interactive strings.  Rather than being tightly laced across the face of the racket thereby restricting the return volleys or serves, the pulley systems on the strings as found in the woofer technology in the Pure Drive Plus allows for the strings of the Babolat tennis racket to become interactive, with a more trampoline like effect that delivers a harder return and energy directed to one point on the tennis racket to deliver more energy to the ball.  Many tennis players have stated in the Babolat tennis racket reviews that the light handling racket, the Babolat tennis racket’s ability to absorb some of the shock of racket ball impact and the ability to deliver good, hard slice drives have made it a hugely successful and sought after tennis rackets on the market today.  Many have commented that it the Pure Drive tennis racket practically needs a good, aggressive swing in order to deliver on its maximum performance and the absorption appeal of the strike made handling the racket and the overall performance of the game much easier and permitted for more maneuverability owing to its light weight.

It is not a large sense of wonder then, that many a Babolat tennis racket review is rife with accounts of the remarkability of the woofer grommet technology found in the Babolat tennis racket Pure Drive Plus and the success that it has not only enjoyed on the professional tennis circuit, but the success that it has delivered on and will continue to deliver on in games to come.

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