Average Physical Therapist's Salary

For Starters

By: - Health & Fitness - September 12, 2011
average physical therapists salary for starters

One of the most demanding and challenging professions today in the medical profession nationwide is that of a physical therapist.  In depth, theses professionals are typically employed in hospitals and convalescent centers’, clinics  where they work with those that are recuperating from surgery or are recovering their mobility after a debilitating injury.  One of the other inspiring reasons for entry into this program other than the love to help others is what the physical therapists’ starting salary is and what many can expect to earn yearly with the average physical therapist’s salary.

There is a lot of intensive training required for this program.  The certification and the education involved along with the evaluation at state level sees the physical therapist starting salary at about forty-seven thousand dollars upwards to sixty-seven thousand dollars per year.  This is, of course, but a beginning average physical therapists salary.  With continued experience and further training within the field of physical therapy, the average physical therapists salary could reach as high up the pay scale as a reported ninety-one thousand dollars per year.  What determines the salary is not only the intensive training and education that warrant such a wage but also the actual setting in which the particular physical therapist practices their profession.  The highest level of the average physical therapists starting salary is to be found among those that are employed in a hospital, or the home health care facility.  This range anywhere between sixty-five and seventy-seven thousand dollars annually with a lower range of salary for therapists to be found in a pediatric care facility at between forty-seven to fifty eight thousand dollars annually.

So you can see, education alone isn’t the final determining factor in what provides the highest salary for the physical therapists average salary.  As the average annual salary for the physical therapist today in the United States is about seventy-two thousand dollars.  Of course, the highest reported range of salary for the physical therapist is close to ninety-one thousand dollars which suggests that the potential for a high end salary is great in the profession of physical therapy.  Therefore, from the humble beginnings of the average physical therapists starting salary to the average physical therapists salary once they are established in their professions, this occupation is not only challenging but rewarding and lurcrative to those that work hard enough.

Photo: physical therapists at work – public domain images – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Physical_Therapists_at_work.jpg