Athenix Body - Get The Look You Dream Of

Athenix Body – Get The Look You Dream Of

By: - Beauty - October 26, 2011
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You may have heard of Athenix body sculpting and wondering exactly what it is. Basically this is a type of laser body sculpting that is reportedly much safer than a surgical option like liposuction. Physicians who employ the Athenix body sculpturing technique use only the latest and most advanced medical techniques to sculpt your body into the dream shape you desire.

Doctors who use this method actually turn to water jets as a way to permanently remove fat from the body. Instead of stickling sharp instruments and vacuums into your body as a way to remove fat, a very strong stream of water is used to dislodge fat from your body and it is whisked away through small micro- cannulas. This is considered body contouring without surgery so many people really like the idea of Athenix. The down time is considerably less than traditional liposuction as well.

There are many advantages to the Athenix type of body sculpting in addition to reduced down time. This procedure is much safer than traditional liposuction and also a lot more accurate since your doctor will have a lot more control in what he or she is doing. Having more accuracy will lead to less swelling and a much faster recovery. Additionally you will be able to use your own fat deposits if you need plumping elsewhere on the body. When you combine the Atenix body sculpting method of laser sculpting and jets of water, you will find that your skin is tightened and bleeding is minimized. Together, you will be able to see results immediately and you will be much more comfortable with less pain.

Fees for this type of treatment are usually cheaper than traditional liposuction simply because there is less work involved in the procedure. These procedures are quicker to get through and you will not have to be in the hospital or even stay for any extended period of time. You will not need to be under the care of an anesthesiologist as well, which will save a lot of money on its own. Many companies that offer this type of body sculpting will have financing options for anyone interested and you can probably make some type of monthly payment if that interests you.

The Athenix method is certainly on the cutting edge when it comes to non surgical body sculpting. People who have had the procedure done are quite happy with the results. To learn more, contact a cosmetic surgery center in your area.