Aspen Dental Reviews Tread Cautiously At Aspen Dental Ny

Aspen Dental Reviews – Tread Cautiously At Aspen Dental NY

By: - Health & Fitness - November 28, 2011
aspen dental reviews tread cautiously at aspen dental ny

Aspen Dental is a multi-state, for profit dental clinic based out Syracuse, NY. Aspen Dental NY has been in business since 1998 and has been accused several times of unethical practices and a lack of patient care when profits are involved. This will be discussed at length below.

There are about 250 Aspen Dental offices throughout the US with about 1.5 million patients nationwide. The services that Aspen Dental offers ranges from general dental care like cleaning and x-rays to extensive dental work like oral surgery. They also have their own brand of dentures. Aspen Dental accepts most insurance plans in the US and also offers payment plans and low-cost indigent care for those who do not have insurance available. Aspen Dental has also been very active in the battle against oral cancers and has joined forces with the non-profit Oral Health Initiative to raise awareness of different cancers of the mouth.

Before even getting into the Aspen Dental reviews from former and current patients, it is important to understand the Aspen Dental NY business model. According to opponents of this model, Aspen Dental NY is a for profit clinic, meaning they use questionable sales tactics to make a profit without taking too much concern for patient needs. This isn’t to say they are necessarily bad at their work or you will be unsafe there, but they use tactics like recommending additional services that are not necessarily needed. For instance, one example listed on a review website stated that the patient went in for a cavity that needed a filling and they expected it to cost about $250. The Aspen Dental team urged this patient that in order to save the tooth, they actually would need to do a root canal procedure and put a crown own which was quoted at about $3000. When this particular patient refused and went to another dentist, it was confirmed they only needed a small filling.

In addition to using these shady practices, it has also been reported by patients in Aspen Dental reviews that they use very high pressure sales tactics in order to sell items for your teeth, for instance, fancy electric toothbrushes. Though you don’t necessarily need an electric toothbrush, they can certainly be helpful, so if Aspen Dental tells you that you should get one, they aren’t far off on this suggestion. However, Aspen has been accused of marking up prices on the equipment they sell. For instance, a nation well known electric toothbrush may cost $80 at your local discount store but Aspen will give high pressure sales tactics and sell it to you for $150. Customers have stated in reviews that the company uses scare tactics and are extremely pushy when it comes to their sales and recommendations for dental work.

Other dentists have spoken out against Aspen Dental stating that the business practices they use have obvious conflicts with the Hippocratic Oath. These dentists state that it is not in a patient’s best interest to be treated with these high pressure sales and scare tactics that Aspen Dental apparently uses. Aspen Dental has a very high rate of turnover because many people do not feel comfortable doing this type of work for long and according to some, the dentists and technicians who work at Aspen Dental are fresh out of school with many thousands of dollars in loans and cannot afford their own practices. Even former employers of Aspen Dental have stated that the accusations of “profit over patient” that the company utilizes are true.

If you do a search for Aspen Dental reviews online you will be bombarded with negative reviews. Most of the reviews out there reflect the “profit over patient” practices mentioned above. Many reviewers mentioned teeth scaling, which is a deep cleaning of the tooth. This is almost always unnecessary unless you have highly stained teeth due to many years of tobacco use, for instance. Basically, according to these reviews, Aspen Dental recommends teeth scaling for almost every patient that goes into the office.

Unless you absolutely need to go to Aspen Dental, it is recommended to avoid it. It is understandable that there are emergencies that happen and they may be the only dentist you can see, but if you can find another option, it is highly recommended that you choose another dentist if possible.