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By: - Home & Family - June 6, 2011
aspen dental complaints

Though there are many outstanding places to go to have proper dental care, sometimes some places just do not meet the high standards expected by patients, or even the regulatory laws that govern dentistry in the US.  Unfortunately, word soon spreads about clinics that are not up to par, and recent online forums and regulatory bodies have been inundated with Aspen Dental complaints, classified as some of the worst seen in years.  In fact, these Aspen Dental problems are quite widespread as the outlet has numerous centers across the US.

Aspen Dental complaints have proven that sometimes you do not get what you set out to buy.  Dentistry is strictly governed, but according to the allegations, there are numerous Aspen Dental problems.  These allegations have shown that though there is no proven evidence yet that this is a bad place to get your teeth done, its about two hundred and forty locations in twenty states are getting a great deal of negative press lately.  So, it is important to vet these alleged complaints objectively because not all complaints may be necessarily the fault of one particular person or even the company in general.  Again, they are allegations and should be treated with caution, and also with objective curiosity.

Some of the Aspen Dental complaints have seen some patients being forgotten because for reasons yet to be established legally, the personal touch has somehow appeared to have been allegedly lost.  Sometimes with larger dental groups or any business, it might be that a person sees more than one dentist versus having a personalized dentist that they see at every visit.  Unfortunately, this alleged situation has also extended to their customer service, with people having to go through numerous channels before resolving complaints, billing issues or insurance questions.  For unknown reasons, some people are complaining about the constant rescheduling of appointments, though many people are okay with this up to point.  Additionally, allegations about poor dental work and even denture issues have become quite predominant.  Some people allege that the fitting has been wrong or the final dentures have not measured up with what they were supposed to get.  Others have complained about dentures that simply do not fit properly and are causing them pain.  However, it should be noted, to be fair, that to simply blame the entire organization and every dentist working there might be going overboard.  That is  why it is important that if you are going to use this organization for your dental needs, establish in writing exactly what it is that you need, you are going to get and how much it will cost.  Also, keep track of any issues and try to discuss it with the company first, as not every outlet has had complaints and it is unfair to make all of the complaints so far act as a reflection of the reputations of all of the dentists or their whole body of staff.  If you find that mass dentistry is not suitable for you and you want that more traditional one to one dentist service then maybe finding another organization is best.

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