Artemis Dog Food Is Dedicated To The Spirit Of The Wild

By: - Pets - August 21, 2011
artemis dog food is dedicated to the spirit of the wild

Artemis, the goddess of wild things, was one of the most widely worshipped Greek goddesses.  Her Roman counterpart was Diana, the huntress; in both identities, she was the twin sister of Apollo.

The makers of Artemis Dog Food have her same spirit and her caring for the wild creatures under her care.  They are dedicated to creating healthy dog food and also to promoting a philosophy of whole-life care for all pets.  Keeping your pet’s life in balance in all ways makes sure that your dog will have the best life possible.

A healthy life starts with good nutrition, so Artemis Dog Food has developed products that balance all the necessary nutrients for your pets’ best health.  All their products include the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins necessary for your dog’s very best nutrition.  Because the company has a holistic approach to dog food and pet care, they have developed dog foods with ingredients that help prevent disease and support natural healing.  This means the inclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, and digestive enzymes to help support your dog’s own immune system.  This holistic philosophy means benefits to both dogs and their people.  Since its establishment in 1998, Artemis Dog Foot has developed a national reputation for its holistic approach to dog nutrition and care.

When you use Artemis Dog Food for your dog, don’t expect the kibble in every bag to be exactly the same color.  Because the company uses all natural ingredients, the color of the food may differ slightly from batch to batch.  This doesn’t mean that the quality differs, however; every bag is as nutritious as the last.  It only means that the company doesn’t add a lot of dyes and coloring agents but allows the food to take on the color of the ingredients that are in it.

Dog food is only one aspect of maintaining a healthy dog.  Therefore, Artemis Dog Food asks responsible dog owners to look at other aspects of your dog’s life to be sure everything is in balance.  For instance, does your dog get enough sunlight, fresh water and fresh air?  Is the place where he plays clean?  Does he have a quiet, safe, comfortable place to sleep?  Does he get enough exercise?  Do you take him to the vet when he needs it, and brush and groom him regularly?  Do you lavish him with love and attention?

All of these things go into creating a healthy, balanced dog.  Artemis Dog Food can supply good nutrition; you can supply the rest.