Arm And Hammer Toothpaste

– Benefits To Consider

By: - Beauty - June 6, 2011
arm and hammer toothpaste

Arm and Hammer toothpaste has not been around for a long time, compared to some of the other major brands, but it has  become a very popular item because the Arm and Hammer paste uses tried and true technology to freshen your breath, kill bacteria and keep your teeth truly clean without harsh chemicals.  Its main ingredient, bicarbonate of soda, has been used for thousands of years, not only for cleaning, but continues to be used in cooking.  People even use it in their laundry to kill bad odors and as such it works wonders for your teeth!

Because bacteria of the mouth is the main trigger of the horrible condition, halitosis, finding the right paste to keep the plaque and bacteria in check is essential.  Arm and Hammer toothpaste focuses on what dentists have been recommending for generations, the use of bicarbonate of soda to provide a healthy alkaline environment for the mouth and thus allow natural enzymes to devour and break down food particles for swallowing that much easier, but most importantly to eliminate bad odors.  The company has been producing Arm and Hammer paste for about one hundred and fifty years in the US.  Comparable products are found in Europe, but the use of bicarbonate of soda for bad breath is nothing new and only Arm and Hammer has taken the initiative to use this natural and healthy product within their pastes.

The benefits of using Arm and Hammer toothpaste may be obvious to some degree, but using Arm and Hammer paste can have other benefits, too.  These include regulating the enzymes and bacteria that break down proteins from meats.  It can neutralize any acids that may be regurgitated back into your mouth because of poor digestion or acid reflux.  Best of all, bicarbonate of soda has been shown by oral hygienists and dentists to whiten your teeth more effectively and safely without corroding the enamel that keeps your teeth from rotting away.  No matter how bad your plaque may be or how badly stained your teeth might get, this product uses a non-abrasive ingredient that works far better than any other type of agent used in other toothpastes.

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