Areola Reduction Before And After - Is It Safe

Areola Reduction Before And After – Is It Safe?

By: - Medicine - September 2, 2011
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Both men and women may be uncomfortable with the size of their areola. The areola is the darker pigmented skin around the nipple. It can darken in both men and women due to medical or hormonal reasons such as pregnancy. There is an areola reduction surgery that can be done to change the size of the area and it can be quite successful. Knowing what to expect from areola reduction before and after can ease your mind about having the procedure done.

Before areola reduction surgery you will meet with a licensed and recommended cosmetic surgeon. During this pre-op meeting, you will discuss options, see pictures of areola reduction before and after and other information you will need to know about the surgery. There will probably be a fee associated with this meeting as it can be used as a way to weed out those who are just vaguely interested and those who are serious about the procedure. Surgery costs are usually also discussed at the consultation. The average cost of areola reduction surgery is about $3000 in the US.

If you are ready to go with the surgery, you will be scheduled and booked in a room in a surgery center or hospital. You will be anesthetized, and put to sleep for the procedure in most cases and the typical time it takes for both sides is about 1-2 hours. After surgery you will be taken to a recovery area where you will rest for a short amount of time. If your vital signs and overall health is good, you will probably be released the same day as your surgery as long as you have a person who can help take care of you for the next few days. Usually the day of the surgery you will just want to sleep, so the caretaker job isn’t too difficult.  By the second day, you may be in more pain and should take the pain medications prescribed. Make sure you are eating and resting as much as possible as this will decrease recovery time. Usually you will have a follow up appointment within 5-8 days of your surgery where your doctor will look at the progress of healing. You should feel a lot better by the time your follow up happens.

Though there may be some scaring, most people are quite happy with their areola reduction both before and after.  You should consult with your doctor if you notice anything odd or if you are in a lot of pain at any time.