Applebees Locations

Getting Help To Find Everything About Each Location

By: - Marketing - July 25, 2011
applebees locations getting help to find everything about each location

Applebees locations have been expanding as the love of their restaurant foods continues to appeal to the American public.  Their online presence has made it that much easier now for food lovers to view their menus and even choose takeout fair.  However, their Applebees locator is a step into the future, mimicking the move made by many restaurants to expand their marketing campaigns onto the Internet and into people’s homes as television advertising continues to get more and more expensive.

Applebees locations can now be reached via a person’s iPhone.  This latest innovation in app technology, the Applebees locator, not only can be accessed via their website through regular computing means, but now that people can use their latest phone gadget to choose their next stop for their meals, the popularity of Applebees has taken off even more than ever before.  But what makes the Applebees version of the locator so different from that of other restaurants? Well, firstly, beside being able to search by the usual area and zip codes, features have been introduced that even include maps of how to get to each location and even a major map of main areas with streets included for easier locating.  In fact, the locator is so popular for iPhones that you can find their application in the large iTunes App Store.  Searches can be narrowed down according to the number of miles radius from your current location, ranging from locations situated at fifteen to three hundred miles away.  Every search result includes address details and even restaurant phone numbers.  The application for iPhones even has an instruction interface built right in for those who need further assistance.  For those with GPS, the application is an ideal tool.

Applebees locations are so easy to find with the Applebees locator, whether online or through their iPhones app.  The best part is that you can also access Applebees menus, pricing, advance ordering or reservation section.  Each Applebees online access locator also gives you access to the restaurant chain’s nutritional information, including ingredients for those who may have allergies or special dietary needs.  Each location offers their own discounts and special coupons that hungry patrons can access via the locator, making it even easier to enjoy the locations listed and thus plan ahead, not just for where to go, but for what to eat, what not to eat, how much money is needed and whether or not to find a closer place as there are so many Applebees to choose from.

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