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By: - Writing - July 11, 2011
apa citation maker the perfect student accessory

For the academic or even the typical high school student, doing hours of painstaking research into a particular topic or area of concern generates the finished result in the form of a paper written discussing the topic and presenting an educated perspective with this research in mind.  The result of all of that effort is the much sought after recognition from your academic betters and colleagues which in turn translates to a passing grade with distinction.  So what do you do with that paper that you’ve worked so hard to create?  Destroy it and walk away with your passing grade or would you like to see the knowledge that you’ve developed pass onto other enquiring academics?  More importantly, how do you protect your work from falling into the hands of a plagiariser who will capitalize on your work and take credit for your efforts?  The answer is in the form of the APA Citation Maker.  With this handy and amazing online tool, the academic can create to her heart’s content and publish her work without the fear of academic miscreants.

There are several citation tools to choose from when citing your academic material.  There is the Chicago, MLA, Turabian and APA citations maker styles.  The most common form of citations utilized is the APA citation maker.  This is the style for which the American Psychological Association utilizes as it is the one that is most utilized as part of the social sciences.  The resources as found within the citations maker will provide you with examples in which the general format, reference pages, text citations, end notes and footnotes are featured.  With these resources closely followed and displayed, the academic will be able to successfully utilize the citations maker to publish his work. Should you require more information into the use and format required to use the citation maker, you should refer to the second printing of the 6th  edition of the American Psychological Association.

Generally, the APA Guidelines require that all papers produced for publication within the citation maker be on standard sized stationery with the dimensions of 8.5 inches by 11 inches and margins of 1 inch on either side.  The format too, should be set on 12pt Times New Roman script with page numbers flush right, and the title of your paper typed in upper case format in the header, in the flush left margin.  All papers should contain four sections with information in the standard forms and in the following order: title page, the abstract of the paper, the main body of the report with the hypothesis and determination and finally the references used in the research and development of the paper being produced.

While this is only a general guideline as to the format required for the citation maker, the academic who wishes to publish his work should consult  the APA citations maker for fuller information to ensure accuracy in having his work correspond with the requirements prior to publication.  The APA citation maker is the most preferred means of publication and is the most widely used within the social sciences and its format has become the most widely used by academics everywhere to feature a well disciplined and concise format for all to use with ease.

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