Anyilu Shoes

Chinese Military Precision With Fashionable Beauty

By: - Shoes - July 11, 2011
anyilu shoes chinese military precision with fashionable beauty

Anyilu Shoes were designed by the famed designer, Anyi, who had wanted a career in art and fashion since she was a child.  Inspired by her grandfather’s military background, she was taught brush painting and Chinese style calligraphy.  This precision was passed on into the many items that people buy from her collection.  In fact, when you buy Anyilu shoes, the chances are that all of her experience in engineering and dancing have been combined with her artistic talents to create the perfect set of shoes.

Anyilu shoes took off after she designed a comfortable pair of shoes for a reception for a wedding that her sister was the main attractrion.  She realized that two shoe pairs were more practical than just one, one to look good and the other to do the actions.  However, she still had to figure out how to combine comfort and beauty.  An unusual thing happened after she found herself running out of ideas, she had lent her dancing shoes usually used for the ballroom to her sister and much to her delight, they were the answer.  Her sister was delighted, her feet were happy and Anyilu had found a new career.

Anyilu continued to compete in dancing as it helped her to appreciate the importance of the feel, design and looks of good dancing shoes.  Anyilu shoes had to be flexible, supportive and fit well.  So, after studying the art of shoemaking in Italy, it soon became a talented game for her to design shoes that had varied choices of colors, high end appearances and the comfort and craftsmanship that only Italian shoemakers would normally understand.  So, if you are planning to buy Anyilu shoes any time soon, do not forget how a little dancer took the place of the shoemaker and created a dream shoe that most people’s feet would treasure.  Anyilu used her attention for details and insight technically together in a blended combination that helped give her fashionable vision, whilst enabling her to design her innovative and spectacular shoes collections.  The joy of wearing Anyilu’s simply divine collection has shown many women that this young Chinese lady has a vision for the future and something that women worldwide can celebrate as part of their ever-changing wardrobes.  Though many will never know who she really is, her shoemaking skills speak volumes for the care that she puts into every shoe that she designs.

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