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By: - Home Improvement - July 20, 2011
antique iron beds where to find quality

Antique iron beds have been around for generations.  In fact, the antique iron bed began its life centuries ago in Europe, a popular means of getting off the floor and avoiding some of the hassles found hundreds of years ago with sometimes unsanitary conditions.  They were also quite commonly seen in early hospitals because they provided an easy way for staff to clean up after patients without having excessive uncleanable mattresses and other bedding left over.  Most importantly, they replaced what used to be wooden and straw beds, taking away the high risk of disease.  However, today their popularity is on the rise again, not just for their ease of cleaning, but their beauty.  There is something attractive about having such an antique in your home and the value of some of the beds out there continue to rise as they are collectors items.

Antique iron beds are a pleasant place to curl up and sleep after a long day in the home, office or even garden.  Even after travelling for long periods, the body is able to relax, if the proper support is given with the right type of mattress.  Because an antique iron bed is a much more solid structure than modern spring mattress and foam beds, your chances of getting back pain is minimized considerably.  However, you need to be sure that the bed that you buy is still in good condition and still able to give the support that it once did.  Ultimately, your bed should be a valued addition to your home’s furniture collection, allowing you to recharge, rest and wake up completely refreshed.  With some good pillows, a duvet and the fresh air flowing around you, your sleep on such a bed will be divine.

Antique iron beds come in varied sizes.  The frame is the main piece that you should be addressing when you go to an antique’s store or auction because you want to make sure that it is not rusted, chipped, dented or broken.  Any damage to a bed can reduce its support abilities and the longevity of the bed.  You should be able to find small and very large beds of this type, but note that the majority of real antique beds made of iron did not conform to modern mattress and bed sizes.  Many were handmade and as such may vary greatly from what you are used to.  That is why it is important when you get your antique iron bed to have it measured up for a custom made mattress that is fitted properly to the bed you have bought.  There are many mattress makers who will do this service for you, but remember that mattress making will cost you a lot more than if you were to buy a regular mattress.  The problem with buying a standard sized mattress for your bed is that you may have gaps between the edge of the mattress and the edge of the frame.  This gap can be dangerous if you get your head or other parts of your body caught in between whilst you sleep, so get everything fitted properly according to local standards.

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