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Putting Humor Into Insurance

By: - Advertising - July 11, 2011
allstate mayhem actor putting humor into insurance

Remember the Allstate Mayhem actor in the Allstate mayhem commercials? Who can forget the talented humor and devilish style of charm portrayed by Dean Winters.  His Bad Boy image is a seductive to younger women as it is to even the aging, long in the tooth gals.  That sexy appeal is an addition of advertising genius because not only do the ladies sit by their TVs to watch him, but they are easily the most devout purchasers of Allstate products.

Dean Winters, the super Allstate Mayhem actor is a seductive guru.  Not only has his female jogger donning the head band been an inspiration to Allstate lovers, but he has inspired many comedians and actors across the nation with his subtle nuances as a driver wraps his car around the nearby post, oogling at the comical curvy lady in the jogging suit.  Dean simply manages to put the necessary humor into the Allstate Mayhem commercials.  The injection of some rather sexist attitude has appealed to many male watchers too, but somehow offended the sensitive feminists amongst us.  Not that they did not have a point, what they missed is that many women have a good giggle at seeing the typical male humor, otherwise little seen in the real world.

Putting the sexual innuendo aside, offensive or not, the Allstate Mayhem actor has played the part well.  It was not put into the Allstate Mayhem commercials to choose sides with genders, but create whacky situations and samples of what accidents can happen simply as the result of the most stupid things.  Best of all, its directive of targeting the audience with a sense of humor has enabled Allstate to increase their automobile insurance policies in larger numbers than ever before.

Dean, the Baddy Boy Allstate Mayhem actor, laughs throughout, seeming get insane joy from the accidents, all of which are fake, and in essence is making a mockery deliberately of the authorities that govern the laws that make driving usually safe.  It is a clever ploy to engage the audience into seeing how sick the whole thing is and yet how reality requires a plan of action, an insurance coverage for the what if, no matter how insane it may seem or how unlikely it may be that such an event may ever happen.

Allstate Mayhem commercials are without a doubt a great addition to the repertoire of clever and ingenious advertising anomalies. Mayhem goes from one disaster to another, signs of wear and tear always met by a fresh appearance in a later episode.  Whether torn and tattered, bruised and battered or barely surviving, Mayhem’s character delights all the watchers with even wacky GPS roles and failed winter snow collapses.  What more could an advertisement need to get your undivided attention than tuning you with series after series?

Photo: Dean Winters – copyright 2010, Peter Massas – repr0duced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.0 Generic,

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