Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid Dresses

Pros And Cons

By: - Clothing - July 5, 2011
alfred angelo bridesmaid dresses pros and cons

Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses have had mixed reviews, some good and some not so good, but this is definitely not a reflection of the high quality of any Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress that they may sell you.  However, it is important to focus on certain aspects that you need to be aware of so you can plan well enough ahead for that special day.

Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses come in all shapes and sizes, offering a broad selection.  Located in Florida, they no doubt have the perfect Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress to suit almost any style of wedding, from formal to the more eccentric types of occasions.  However, the dresses come highly recommended, though their shipping issues still take much to be desired, based on the experiences of some people.  One woman online complained bitterly about ordering a dress for her daughter and the other bridesmaids because the person responsible for ordering them ordered sizes that were two sizes too big and some of the girls had to trade dresses to get the right ones and get in an additional two to compensate for the two smaller girls in the group, but that was not all, allegedly.  The company also does wedding dresses and as such the gown ordered was apparently too small and came in very late, requiring additional costs in regards to alterations.  Worse though, the manager of the store concerned was allegedly not willing to accept her responsibility for the mistakes and waive any added costs due to her errors.

It is a sad thing really as Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses are well made and highly sought after, and one alleged and major mistake on behalf of their staff left a bitter taste in the mouth of the client and those she knew.  Even after the alterations were done, the one dress was still claimed as being too big and too loose, not fitting sufficiently around the hips and waist to ensure that the strapless garment would not fall down.  Literally running down to the day before departure for the wedding destination, the client finally locked horns with the manager, whose alleged pushy nature apparently finally conceded.  Despite this, further money had to be laid out to ensure that each Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress was properly tailored to fit and thus an outside seamstress had to be employed.

Unfortunately the customer service issues related to the Alfred Angelo dresses outlet was far from over according to the customer.  The client made a formal complaint, but was left with a sad tale of contract full-filled and thus the dresses were as they should be.  Though not every client has trouble when finding an Alfred Angelo dress or wedding dress through the varied outlets, the company seemed unwilling according to the customer to accept any responsibility for the manager’s alleged actions.  The fact that the wedding dress still was not ready when the bride left to travel to her destination just made matters worse, adding in, of course, the added costs involved.

Despite the bad experience of one customer, it is apparent that not all of the Alfred Angelo staff can be tarnished with the same brush.  The dresses they make are outstanding and the majority of their staff are very professional and helpful.   Sadly, one customer will not return, but this is not a reflection of the other more positive reviews that the company continues to have.  Therefore, if you are planning on buying a dress from this outlet, double check that the alterations measured and the sizes ordered are as you want them to be because technically speaking the staff member that represented the company regarding the complaint was right on the one hand regarding the contract issue.  Remember, if you double check all the details methodically and insist upon checking the order first, the chances of this happening will be lessened, but at the same time, you do not have to tolerate rudeness or bad customer service anywhere.

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