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By: - Shoes - July 11, 2011
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Aldos shoes – hmmm… every man and woman’s dream of a well-made, yet affordable and stylish American piece of footwear.  Even as you wander into their sophisticated high street stores or check out their clearance stores, you will never walk out with a heap of junk because you chose to buy Aldos shoes for your feet.  In fact, given that Italian shoes have been amongst the best in the world, the fact that you are not paying an arm and a leg for these shoes and still getting high end quality should say it all.

Aldos shoes are made like old-fashioned shoes were, made to fit your feet properly.  Unfortunately a lot of the younger generations think that good shoes are not firmly fitted and prefer loose materials that slop around, not realizing the damage they are doing to their feet.  However, if they were to buy Aldos shoes, they would soon discover that the shoes are androgynous, finding themselves on happy feet and walking off with satisfied customers.  In fact, there are those who have raised complaints about the shipping and customer service found in North American online Aldos websites, but that is hardly a reflection of the quality of the products found in their retail stores.  The reality is that these shoes come in all sizes and shapes, even bringing back that European elegance that is difficult to find in the sloppy shoes that many youngsters are choosing to wear.

What is equally as endearing about Aldos shoes is that the styles found online are the same as those in the stores.  The clearance centers do not sell shoes that are damaged or seconds, contrary to popular opinion.  They offer end of the line or even shoes that simply are being replaced by new lines until the next season, so you can always guarantee yourself to buy Aldos shoes in advance of each season if you plan it right.  Many of their products can go down to as much as 75% off, meaning that if you want a $200 Aldos shoe, the chances are that you will only pay around $60 instead.  That is a real bargain, even for the tightest budget.

In conclusion, the shoes sold by Aldos are by no means cheaply made.  They are made from top leathers and fashionable accessories that you rarely see in other stores.  Their styles are quite definitely European, having that jet setting elegance that many only see in Bond movies and other Hollywood productions.  In fact, the Aldos store nearest you is probably easily missed as their displays are not ostentatious and they just look like any other shoe store to most people until you get up close and personal with their goods.

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