Alaska Fishing Lodges In Seldovia

By: - Fishing - July 17, 2011
alaska fishing lodges in seldovia

Seldovia is Alaska’s best kept secret.  This little town has only 300 year-‘round residents, but each summer the population swells to 3000, as visitors come to take advantage of the recreational opportunities that await in Seldovia.

One of the big draws in the town is the Alaska fishing lodges.  There are several very nice lodges as well as a good-sized charter fleet.  Even the lodges that aren’t related to fishing have relationships with the charter captains so there’s always someone available to take out a guest for a day of fishing.

A Great Location

Seldovia is located on the Kenai Peninsula, which is the land mass that extends south and west from Anchorage.  It’s right on the water at Kachemak Bay, which is a tributary of Cook Inlet.  So it’s no big surprise that Alaska fishing lodges, particularly Alaska fishing lodges halibut fishing, are a major outdoor recreational activity in Seldovia.

In fact, Seldovia is perfect for anglers who want a quiet getaway.  You don’t need to rent a car there, because the town is set up so visitors can walk everywhere.

A visit to Seldovia is a visit to one of the most spectacular wilderness areas in the country.  Kachemak Bay has a remarkable diversity of marine life from the small, such as butter clams, to the huge, such as Orcas and Humpback whales.  The entire area is easily accessible both by small boats and by hiking trails, so you can spend an afternoon or an entire day exploring the tide pools and beaches, and observing seals and otters in their native habitat.  You may find sea stars, clams and other mollusks, sea anemones, crabs, and octopus in the tidal pools, and pick up shells you’ll find nowhere else.

Lots of Places to Fish

One of the biggest Alaska fishing lodges in Seldovia is the Alaska Treetops Fishing Lodge.  The lodge offers family accommodations with a view of My Iliamna Volcano, as well as an Alaska fishing lodges halibut vacation package.  The lodge is smoke free for the comfort of guests, who can sit on the porch and watch sea otters floating in the bay and bald eagles soaring overhead.  And besides guided halibut fishing trips, Alaska Treetops Fishing Lodge also offers fishing for salmon, Ling cod and other species.

Seldovia Fishing Adventures offers a different perspective on the Alaska fishing lodges halibut scene.  Seldovia Fishing Adventures has a bed and breakfast for clients, with twin-room accommodations with private baths, and home-cooked meals.  Fishing trips are on the boat Peggy ‘N’ Me, which is a custom built 30-foot cabin cruiser.  They take only four anglers out at a time, and will fillet, bag and freeze your fish, with commercial vacuum packing available for an additional fee.

Besides these two Alaska fishing lodges, there are quite a few other places to stay, and plenty of fishing guides who will take you for a day of halibut fishing.  Some of the other lodges include Alaska Dancing Eagles Remote Wilderness Vacation Cabin Rental, Harbor’s Edge Vacation Rental, and the Sea Parrot Inn.  All in all, Seldovia is a great place to get away for a few days of a few weeks of halibut fishing in Alaska.

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