Air Climber Reviews

Reports For Cardio Workouts And General Exercise

By: - Fitness Equipment - August 1, 2011
air climber reviews reports for cardio workouts and general exercise

Air Climber Reviews report mixed findings of Air Climbers. The Air Climber is a workout device that claims to offer a full cardio workout.  The Air Climber designed by United States Aerobic Champion, Brenda Dygraf contains two steps that are pressed down against the force of air contained in the device.  Two movable cables are used to include arm workouts.  The Dygraf  Air Climber can only be purchased through the official product website.

Air Climber Reviews 2011 describe this device as a caterer to beginning exercisers who want fast results without using a lot of effort.  Many Air Climber Reviews report the end result is not so easy.   Air Climber Reviews 2011 report the workout is simple and easy for beginners but lacks no challenge in the long run. Never-the-less, Air Climber Reviews report the Air Climber remains a favorite for beginning level exercisers and dieters.
Air Climber Reviews 2011 state that as it is constructed of sturdy fiberglass those who use daily exercise machines can expect it to last for many years.  Disadvantages beyond that the Air Climber does not provide a challenging enough workout for more experienced exercisers also include issues with the assembly.
The Air Power Technology of the Air Climber utilizes the use of bellows beneath the platforms.  Once inflated, when stepped on the air transfers from one platform to the other.  This mechanism allows the Air Climber to remain small and compact without mechanical functions.  This device is not only small but very easy to store or to transport and can be used most anywhere.  Air Power Technology also maintains safety in use of this Air Climber.  While other machines may shake after longtime use this air climber movement remains smooth providing less chance of injury to muscles, joints or ligaments.  Air Climber Reviews also report this Air Climber is very quiet when compared to other step machines.
Supposedly a thirty-minute workout on the Air Climber seven days a week will produce strong abdominal muscles and as well as an intense cardiovascular workout.  Coupled with the proper diet to reduce calorie intake a dieter could loosed ten pounds in ten days. However, Air Climber Reviews 2011 report the ‘guarantee’ of loosing 10 lbs within 10 days’ is not being met.  Many of these reports appear on scam websites.  Never-the-less they are not good for the Air Climber in general.
The designer of the Air Climber, Aerobics Champion, Brenda Dygraf, holds a National Aerobic Championship and 18 regional championships. Brenda Dygraf has also created the Lateral Thigh Trainer, the Cardio Twister and the Top 10 Trainer.  She has created many exercise videos and led ad campaigns for the AbGym and AbRoller Plus.