Agape Live Streaming - How To Watch Services Online

Agape Live Streaming – How To Watch Services Online

By: - Religion - October 4, 2011
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If you recognize the name Agape International Spiritual Center or its founder Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith you probably are interested in learning more about the Agape principle and philosophy. Agape is not a religion and it is not associated with any religion. There are no Agape Christian ministries at this time, nor have there ever been Agape Christian ministries. What there is, however, is a group of spiritual people who meet each and every Sunday morning to get in touch with this spirituality and study all of the great books and philosophical thoughts from the present and ancient world.

Though there are many sacred texts that are studied, as Agape Christian ministries does not exist, the Christian Bible is not the only one used. Ancient Jewish texts are used, ancient Greek philosophies are studied and Buddhist rituals and philosophies are discussed. Agape is not about religion and it would be a mistake to call the Agape service a Christian service as it is anything but. With members all over the world with philosophies ranging from Jewish to Hindu to Buddhism, if you are spiritual and believe in one, almighty being, whoever that may be, you may be interested in the Agape International Spiritual Center.

The Agape International Spiritual Center is based out of Los Angeles, CA and there are currently no other locations for any other Spiritual Centers. However, Dr. Michael, as he is called in the congregation, travels often and gives talks all over the world. You can also find meetings online of Agape live streaming. Additionally there are many downloads on their websites as well as pod casts and video on demand.

If you are interested in the Agape live streaming on the internet, there are three services each Sunday and two that are streamed. The first service runs from 8:30 am PT to about 10:00 am PT and the second service of Agape live streaming is from 11:00 am PT to around 12:30 pm PT. Both services start with 30 minutes of meditation. Additionally, if you miss the Sunday morning meetings, there is a Wednesday service as well from 6:45 pm PT to around 8:15 pm PT.

Speaking of the website, there are many features of the site that will enable you to learn more about the spiritual center as well as see videos and events at the center. At the time of this writing there was a Native American woman’s retreat being streamed live. As you can see, all philosophies seem to be represented at the Agape International Spiritual Center.

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