Aetna Insurance Reviews What Do People Think About Aetna Find A Doc

Aetna Insurance Reviews. What Do People Think About Aetna Find A Doc?

By: - Product Reviews - December 2, 2011
aetna insurance reviews what do people think about aetna find a doc

Aetna is one of the largest insurance companies in the US and has over seventeen million health members. However, based on consumer reviews, most of those customers are unhappy with the service they have gotten from Aetna. In one of the Aetna insurance reviews found online, participants who were members of Aetna at the time of the survey were asked to label their feelings on their overall satisfaction with Aetna. Only 7% of participants said they were very satisfied with the service Aetna was providing. 73% of participants said they were very unsatisfied with the services from Aetna.  That should be a huge eye-opener for this company.

The thing with insurance is that most people get their insurance through their employer and they don’t have a choice as to which insurance they actually have. They have the choice to not take insurance, of course, but the cost of health care is through the roof and most people could never afford health care if they didn’t have insurance. The other choice they have is to get independent insurance, but they will be paying the entire premium out of pocket with no help from their employer, which is how most plans work now.

Websites all over the internet collect consumer reviews and many of these sites have Aetna insurance reviews as well. On another website viewed, when rated on a scale from one to five, Aetna was rated 1.4 out of 5 based on over 150 consumer reviews. This same site went further and got more details as well. The Aetna insurance reviews listed were 1.5/5 for coverage, 1.6/5 for cost, 1.3/5 for service and 1.3/5 for claims. Some of the specific reviews given for Aetna include paragraph after paragraph of unhappy customers stating that Aetna frequently raises premiums, puts money before care, gives the run around and stalls care that a doctor recommends immediately. Of all of the written paragraphs on this particular website, only one of them was a positive review for Aetna.

There is one part of Aetna that people seem to like. It is their website. Reviews for Aetna are overall very negative, but when asked, people like the website, especially the Aetna find a doc feature, officially known as DocFind. The DocFind web application will help you find the perfect doctor if you are a member of Aetna. You can do simple searches for a primary care physician of any kind in your immediate area or you can expand the search to cover specific specialists, hospitals, clinics and even natural doctors.  When you used the Aetna find a doc feature online, you can even upload your own medical information to a particular doctor in order to save time at your first office visit. The DocFind or Aetna find a doc feature is available right on the Aetna website.

As you can see, Aetna has pretty bad reviews, but you may not be able to change insurance at this time, or at all. It may be best, if it is out of your hands, to start adding to the reviews out there now and hope that things change over time with this company.