Aetna For Providers Finding Your Aetna Provider Online

Aetna For Providers. Finding Your Aetna Provider Online

By: - Insurance - December 1, 2011
aetna for providers finding your aetna provider online

Aetna is a US health insurance company that is based in Hartford, CT. It provided many different types of health care insurances and services including medical insurance, pharmacy insurance and dental insurance. Aetna also provided specialized policies for behavioral health, long term care, disability and group life insurance. A member of the Fortune 100, Aetna’s revenue tops $30 billion. Aetna was founded as a fire insurance company in the early 1800’s and grew to include life insurance by the time of its official founding in 1853. Today Aetna has over seventeen million members with health insurance alone. If you are one of these members and looking for an Aetna provider, it is as easy as logging into the official Aetna website.

If you have just become a member of Aetna, or even a long time member who may need to switch doctors, you will probably want to head over to the Aetna website at Once there, you will notice, as of the time of this writing, that there is a part of the website labeled “Find a Doctor”. When you click on this link, you will be taken to the website application called DocFind. On this page, you can search the website of Aetna for providers in your area by zip code, city or county. Should you choose the zip code option, you will simply enter your five digit US zip code into the box provided. From there, you will choose the search radius the website will use to find an Aetna provider. It can go from 5 miles to 100 miles.

The next step on the search website of Aetna for providers, you will choose the provider category. This simply means that you will tell the system what type of facility you are looking for. Some of your choices include urgent care facilities, walk in clinics, medical providers, dental providers, hospitals and labs. Depending on your choice in that category, you will be given access to another menu that will let you choose the provider type. For instance, if you choose a medical provider from the first drop down list, you will have the choice in the second drop down box to choose primary care physicians, specialists, natural care physicians and several more. Finally you will choose your Aetna plan. Once that is done, you can choose to do a search or narrow your search further by finding a specific Aetna provider who is in a certain program, specialty, speaks a certain language and even the gender of the doctor. When you have narrowed it down, you can finally hit the “Start Search” button.

When you get to the search results from the website of Aetna for providers, you will be presented with the name of the Aetna provider along with the provider ID, address, phone number and specialty. You will also be able to, with some providers, send them your health history immediately after choosing that person as your doctor.

The Aetna DocFind is a great way to find the perfect provider for your needs. If you wish, you can also get a paper copy of local doctors from your employer.