Acupuncture For Endometriosis

Ancient Answers For Timeless Symptoms

By: - Disease & Illness - August 8, 2011
acupuncture for endometriosis ancient answers for timeless symptoms

One large issue that affects a population of anywhere between five to seven million American women is that of Endimitriosis and it usually centers itself in the age range between the age of thirty to forty years of age. This has the potential to become so severe as to be debilitating to those so affected while others will exude only mild symptoms to no symptoms at all.  Briefly explained, endimitriosis is a condition in which the cells that are the interior lining of a uterine wall grow on areas outside of the uterus, generally on the fallopian tubes, ovaries and the pelvic cavity’s lining.  It can also extend far beyond the region of the reproductive system into areas like the lungs, arms and even the woman’s cranium.  The process of endimitriosis mirrors the same process by which the menstrual cycle operates.  The build up of these cells is purged each month during the menstrual cycle, however, with endimitriosis, these cells are contained within the body as they cannot be purged and gradually become absorbed into the blood circulatory system, which explains the distant areas of the body affected as mentioned earlier.  While endimitriosis isn’t a contributor to cancer and is benign, the process can result in varying degrees of pain and discomfort in the course of varying forms of physiological functioning such as pre menstrual, menstrual, sexual intercourse, bowel movements and urination.

A unique approach to resolution of symptoms of endimitriosis is through the application of Chinese medicine and its far reaching traditions.  The process of acupuncture for endometriosis through the use of a traditional Chinese medical approach is to view the pattern by which each individual exudes the symptoms associated with endimitriosis.  It is thought that each person exhibits a cycle that typifies the established disorder and its progression.

The points chosen for use of acupuncture for endometriosis will not be consistent with everyone as each person has their own physiological pattern, history and structure.  However, there are a number of areas that are preferred when using acupuncture for endometriosis and they are found in the back, ears, legs, abdomen, feet and wrists.  The application of acupuncture lasts for a period of anywhere between twenty minutes to three quarters of an hour with conjunctive herbal medicines to aid in better blood movement, physiological operation and eradication of pain associated with endimitriosis.  In a study of recipients of acupuntrure for endometriosis, eighty-one percent reported a significant drop in painful menstrual cycles.

Some may mistake ovulation bleeding as a sign of endimitriosis but this has been refuted as an accepted matter of nature within ovulation.  While ovulation bleeding, some women will find a discharge known as cervical mucus that is characterised by a brown colored streak that flows with vaginal fluids.  These generally aren’t huge in volume and are noticed only in mild stains on undergarments or with each time that you clean following a visit to the bathroom.  While the exact cause of ovulation bleeding isn’t fully understood, medical pundits theorize that it could be the result of an imbalance of hormonal levels especially if it is between menstrual periods.  Ovulation bleeding at odd times may be indicative of a problem such as endrimitriosis, fibroids, or uterine polyps.  If your ovulation bleeding follows with a high level of painful bouts or the discharge is a bright red and has significantly higher volumes, you should attend your doctor’s office for a fuller examination to potential problems that can be remedied only through medical intervention.

So there are indeed a varied number of means to which your condition can be managed and to which you can live with the condition as well.  Careful research into the condition as well as relevant questions with other health care professionals will serve to allay much of the unknown especially in the treatment and management of your condition.

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