Ab Cruncher The Way To Those Perfect 6 Pack Abdominals

Ab Cruncher The Way To Those Perfect 6 Pack Abdominals

By: - Fitness Equipment - July 14, 2011
ab cruncher the way to those perfect 6 pack abdominals

An ab cruncher is a piece of exercise equipment that helps in abdominal exercise to control the movement of the abdominal muscles.  Ab cruncher review specifies that some ab crunchers are more effective done on the floor while others offer support to tone the abdominal muscle.

Does the ab cruncher work?   Sometimes.  Ab cruncher review claims some ab crunchers are gimmicks designed to waste time and money.

In the past the most common known ab cruncher was to lie on your back on the floor without aids and lift your elbows to meet your knees.  More than one ab cruncher review  sighted how this exercise can  severely injure your back and abdominal muscles if not done exactly right.   So the ab cruncher exercise aids were invented.  These are devices designed to remove the tension from muscle stretching especially in the back.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and most include an instruction manual or DVD.

The key design of most abdominal crunchers is to obtain a ‘ripped body’ but that does not happen with ab crunches alone.  The ab machines are designed to stimulate various abdominal muscles to grow larger.  However, lean, muscular abdominals─ that so-called 6 pack torso─ is acquired only when the layer of fat that lies over the abdominal muscles is removed.  And, removing abdominal fat is one of the most difficult aspects of ‘getting physically fit’ that there is.

 In order to remove excess abdominal fat one must embark on a fitness program that eliminates fat over the entire body by reducing calorie intake and burning calories.

In addition to abdominal exercises one should include aerobic exercise.  But be careful─ high impact exercise may get the job done faster but it may also damage stress points all over the body.  To ensure less possible injury to limbs and back, low impact aerobic exercise (such as walking) is more productive over the long run.  Aerobic exercises should also work on the upper body─ as in rowing─ to achieve a full body aerobic impact.  Most exercise machines include a ‘fat burning’ mode which will help maintain a steady exercise pace.  Ab crunchers do not help to achieve your weight loss, perfect body goal when used alone.

Too often when a person lies on the floor doing ab crunches without the aid of a machine human error causes injuries.  The ab cruncher devices force a person to remain in the correct position for more powerful abdominal exercise.

Different kinds of ab cruncher machines include:

Floor assist ab crunchers─ a steel frame supports the body while the user ‘crunches’.  Two of these types of crunchers are ‘the weider ab cruncher which ensures position and posture are correct.  Another is the ‘abdominal rocker’; smaller and less expensive the abdominal rocker tones all of the abdominal muscles.
The ab cruncher chair resembles a lounger or rocking chair.  When sitting in the chair moving backward and forward the ‘chair’ exercises the lower abdomen and upper ribs.
Ab roller cruncher machines places the body in the correct position for a crunch that tones the upper and lower abs at the same time.  Some of these machines use a gravitational linkage system that provides a ‘scissor-like’ crunch. Others have adjustable inclines to exercise different parts of the abs.  Some of these are foldable and easily stored; others require storage space.
Use of any ab cruncher varies depending upon the type of ab cruncher.  Most carry a workout instruction manual or DVD.  It is wise to educate oneself before using any kind of exercise equipment.