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By: - Recreation & Sports - May 31, 2011
aac suppressors

AAC suppressors are unique devices that enable the silencing of rifles, which are especially popular for those people who belong to gun clubs and do not want the high level of noise associated with rifle shooting to slowly damage their hearing.  Most people have little idea about what these do, except that they easily detach and are easy as well to attach.

Some people have found unique ways to adapt AWC suppressors to fit their hand guns without having to fiddle around with getting special attachments or welding muzzles onto their guns.  However, when purchasing these sound suppressors, it is best to speak to the experts, not just the people who sell them in the licensed gun stores, but gun club experts who have substantial experience in what is and is not the best equipment.  In fact, many suggest two vital factors in making such evaluations.  They prescribe to the idea of assessing how much noise is muzzled and how accurate their gun is after adding on the suppressor.  However, all of them highly recommend and usually most gun clubs insist that people on the firing ranges should wear ample protection for their ears regardless of whether they are using this type of muzzle or not, especially taking into consideration comfort because a lack of comfort makes it difficult to concentrate on the targets on ranges.

The suppressor is available in varied sizes, some to fit on hand guns and others on rifles.  Most gun owners agree that this suppressor has a much better ability to suppress the firing sound and thus protect their ears.  Others also emphasize that their accuracy is not affected so much that they have to make major adjustments when aiming.  As such, using a club’s steel plate for testing is the best option.  Many have variable ranges, though most are set out at about four hundred yards.  However, for beginners it is best to get one of the club’s experts to do the tests as the plates are designed for more experienced gun owners, being just a fraction tinier than the average man’s chest.  However, for many people, this suppressor has proven to be easier to use.  In fact, tests done by many people at gun clubs have shown that the AAC suppressors, specifically the AWC suppressors, are very easy to work with and highly accurate whilst supplying ample hearing protection.

If you are considering buying any AAC suppressors, and have thought about the AWC suppressors options, do ample research and testing to see if they will suit your firing needs.  In addition, double check with your gun club before using one on their range as they may have special rules that apply to such gun accessories.

Photo: gun club indoors – copyright 2005, Ratha Grimes; reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 2.0

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  1. Rebecca Hurst

    Thanks for the information! I have been thinking of getting my husband a gun for his birthday. He loves to go shooting with his friends, but he doesn’t have a gun of his own. I now know that I should get aac suppressors to go with it. Can you suggest a good website to buy one from? A friend suggested http://aacblackoutsuppressors.com, so I will have to see what designs they come in.