90th Birthday Party Ideas

– With Or Without The Teenager?

By: - Home & Family - June 7, 2011
90th birthday party ideas

So, you want to get some party ideas, specially 90th birthday party ideas and some 13th birthday party ideas.  Your elderly relative is turning 90 on the same day as your due to be 13 year old.  You are thinking no doubt about combining their parties, but is this really a wise move? You really need to consider many factors first.

Firstlly, let us look at the 90th birthday party ideas that you have been having.  Are they realistic and are they really suited to a 90 year old? Usually 90 year olds and 13 year old really have little in common when it comes to partying unless you have a miracle on your hands.  Prior to sending out any fancy invitations, even calling around for party space, consider a number of things that are mandatory in many senses when planning the party for the 90 year old and if you are considering any 13th birthday party ideas.  These include:

  • Know the birthday person to be beyond just your own impressions and assumptions – spend time with them and ask questions; know their past history as it may spark off some happy moments if remind them of happy times in their past during their party; this applies especially to the 90 year old
  • Consider preferences – ensure that the 90 year old’s and the 13 year old’s tastes are compatible or at least that having their tastes running side by side would amuse both of them, not just one of them
  • Music with variety – if you get music from the 40s or anytime other than the present as the sole thing, you will bore your 13 year old, but if you have constant rapping, the 90 year old may just get a bad headache or sleep throughout most of the party; find a balance by speaking to them both and get them to decide what they both appreciate on a mutual basis
  • Party games – ask them what they want to play, if anything; amusingly, the 90 year old may be just happy watching the 13 year old play, but never assume and ask first
  • Food – again ask both parties to see what both of them can and cannot eat and what they really want at their party
  • Setting – assuming that a 90 year old likes formality is a huge stereotypical mistake because there are many older people who frankly much prefer less strenuous preparations and like to feel relaxed, as would the 13 year old
  • Guests – now this is where the tricky part comes in – who to invite; so ask both the 90 year old and the 13 year old to sit down together to find a suitable list and failing everything, just have a family party
  • Party size – again this has to be determined by you really because you are no doubt the one who is paying to cater the party and to decorate it
  • Location comfort – find a place that is wheelchair, scooter and/or buggy accessible and has facilities for elderly people, as well as having space for everyone to be able to move around

Combining 90th birthday party ideas with 13th birthday party ideas is unusual and difficult for many people.  However, if the bond between the two birthday people is good enough, you might find that a family orientated event is far for more appealing to them both, preferably in a relaxed and easy going environment.

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