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Finding Good Food Restaurants Across The Continent

By: - Food & Beverage - July 25, 2011
5 guys locations finding good food restaurants across the continent

5 Guys locations give you access to a casual and fast-paced restaurant in many parts of the United States.  Originating in Virginia, in the city of Arlington, 5guys locations are known for their celebrity style French fries, hamburgers and hot dogs.  In fact, anyone who is a fan of 5 Guys will be familiar with what made them such a popular place, expanding beyond Arlington into numerous US states, as well as a handful of Canadian provinces.

5 Guy s locations were originally started in the 80s, a family business that was literally run by five people.  Eventually they were expanded through franchising with their own bakery, though its first of many 5guys locations is no longer in existence, once situated in the popular Westmont Shopping Center.  By 2002, six more locations were opened in the northern part of Virginia, gaining substantial popularity and was especially noticed by football fans becauses of the involvement of a retired Washington Redskins player’s assistance with franchise sales.  By the fourth month of 2011, the restaurant had expanded to include over seven hundred and fifty locations in forty US states, as well as opening venues in Canada’s provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia and Alberta.  At one point there was even a franchised location at the Washington Nationals baseball park, which closed in 2010.  Since their opening, the restaurant chain has been awarded many distinctions by varied Pittsburgh and Washington DC magazines, giving the chain the distinction of having the best and number one hamburger in the country.  Today, you can find outlets Seattle, Redlands, Annapolis, Charlotte, Richmond, Charlottesville, St. Louis, Houston, Austin, Johnstown, State College, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, Jacksonville, Youngstown, Schererville, Tucson, Newburgh and Hampton.

5 Guys locations have not always met with good reviews, being criticized for an alleged unhealthy burger and fries, due in part to the calorie counts and grams of saturated fats.  Even national studies saw the restaurant making the top of the list for the least healthy types of meals found in American restaurant chains.  Despite the bad press in recent years, 5guys locations have continued to focus on the typical American favorite, the hamburger.  You can enjoy varied numbers of patties, bacon, cheese and the usual toppings of mushrooms, onions, hot peppers, green peppers, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, relish, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, steak sauce, hot sauce and even barbeque sauce.  Other popular choices include their kosher types of hot dogs and varied healthier sandwiches.  Many of the locations now offer freebies, including peanuts for customers to enjoy whilst they wait on their orders.  Many of their airport and naval base locations also offer breakfasts. However, as it can be clearly seen, the American passion for fast food, even if now more healthy than it used to be, continues, making 5 Guys one of the top venues for hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches in the United States.  No doubt, like many fast food restaurant chains, they are adapting to the changes in health requirements because the ultimate passion that began the restaurants in the first place continues to take priority – the pleasure and satisfaction of their customers.  Will they continue to get the bad rap for fast food unhealthiness, or will they move into the future and continue to grow with the times? Only time will tell, but regardless, if you want a good and fast meal, 5 Guys is sure to please.

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