4d Ultrasound Pictures

– Entering The World Within You

By: - Women's Issues - May 27, 2011
4d ultrasound pictures

In days gone by, babies within their mothers were pictured on scant photos in black and white, grainy images that barely showed a thing.  You had to be a magician and palm reader to possibly see what was supposed to be a baby within a mother’s womb.  However, with 4D ultrasound pictures, entering the world within your womb is a miraculous experience and in some ways a daunting one.  The 3D 4D sonogram technology has taken ultrasounds into a scientific realm all of their own, a step into real science fact, not fiction.

Every mother and father wants to see their baby for the first time.  Imagine the old shots of a baby, barely like a baby, its buds just appearing and its heart a mere black spot on the screen.  As every parent knows, the moment that they had the first ultrasound, their hearts lifted with joy because for the first time they got to see the creation of a new human being, a living and feeling person yet to be born.  It was a unique and treasured experience.

4D ultrasound pictures are a useful diagnostic and screening tool used as a vital technique for detecting serious defects and or illnesses of a fetus whilst still in its mother’s womb.  The scan reflects echoes of sound waves which are detected, analyze and turned into realistic photographs that are so life like that parents are now able to see their children as they really are for the first time, well before they have finished developing.  Many examples of these photos can be seen online with one specifically taken when a fetus was twenty weeks gestation.  It is clear from the photo that the fetus is only just showing signs of the start of an ear growth, but not an ear that has reached the full development that people are used to.

4D ultrasound pictures are also available in video format, not just plain print.  Never before have parents been able to have a record of their children moving about in the womb so visibly.  It is like looking through a window and seeing the fetus playing, kicking and fluttering about as it floats in the amniotic fluids that surround it.  In fact, what makes it more interesting is that in some cases the shadowing caused by the parent’s hand on the outside of the stomach can be seen from the baby’s side, giving the impression that when the fetus’ eyes finally open, they are visibly seeing a lot more than ever thought possible.

4D ultrasound pictures have performed what is the closest thing to a miracle for many parents.  These 3D 4D sonograms have allowed parents to have a record of their children that is so defined and so clear that even shots taken of the scans within their children’s hearts and other organs can now be seen as if they are physically inside of them.  What will they think of next?

Photo: a 4D ultrasound photo – public domain

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